Supreme Magus - Chapter 1992 Once More with Guests (Part 4)

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Chapter 1992 Once More with Guests (Part 4)

"It still has no taste and now I feel really-"

Zolgrish doubled over, spitting out blood all over Salaark's carpet. The growing flesh had crushed the flute and the resulting glass shards had pierced through his lungs causing him an internal bleeding.

"I want you to know that I made sure that none of the silver from your mines was misplaced." Inxialot shook Lith's hand while the small undead took care of his master.

"Why did you do that? We never talked and the only thing you ever said to me is 'off with the head'." Lith asked.

"I need a minute of your time and help with a delicate matter." The King of Liches stole a glance at Raagu. "Damn, why are the pleasures of the flesh accompanied by so much pain?"

After emptying his flute, the Lich chewed it. The shards of glass made an unsettling sound under his teeth and Lith could smell both wine and blood in his breath.

"What the heck are you doing?"

"I'm disposing of the empty glass. Or should I leave it on the floor like a barbarian?" He said with a shrug, looking at Lith like a kid asking stupid questions. "Gods, I can't believe I have to stoop so low and ask for help to a runt still wet behind his ears."

Lith emptied his glass as well and put it on the tray of one of the many waiters that moved along the guests. Inxialot gawked at his brilliance and grabbed the poor Ratpack, forcing the small undead to stand in front of him.

Then, he took a quill and wrote with red ink and great penmanship a memo of how to deal with empty containers on the back of Ratpack's elegant tuxedo.

"I take back what I said. You clearly are the right man for the job. You are the worthy heir of the Guardian of Wisdom."

Lith gave him a quick bow and ran away. The company of Liches always gave him a headache. ꜰʀᴇᴇwᴇʙɴovᴇʟ.coᴍ

Meanwhile, in the parents' side of the hall, Orion and Jirni caught up with Raaz and Elina while some of the oldest beings in the room kept them company, not interested in the chit-chat of youngsters.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you and for not coming to visit earlier." Orion said. "How is the Desert treating you?"

"Don't worry, my friend. Even if you did come to visit, I doubt that I would have been a pleasant company. I was in a bad place and I still am most of the time."

An awkward silence ensued as Orion waited for Raaz to say anything from small talk to venting his trauma while Raaz turtled up.

"Thanks for coming and for everything you did for Lith after his banishment, Jirni." Elina said. "Are there any news about the deal with the Royals?"

"Sadly no. Bestowing the title of Magus requires the approval of several people, the majority of which are busy with the war. It might take a while." Jirni sighed. "You know, I'm so envious of you, Elina. Two of your kids are already married and you even have a sixth on the way."

"Thanks, Jirni." Elina instinctively caressed her womb. "You know, I always wondered why you stopped at three."

"Because between work and running a household, we simply didn't have the time." Jirni shook her head.

"Tulion always made trouble for ten, draining what little energy we had left at the end of the day.

"We didn't want to have a child just to let the house staff raise them. Also, it would have put a long halt to my career. A Royal Constable's day is long, dangerous, and stressful."

"Do you think Kamila will have the same problems?"

"No. She's younger than I was before my career kicked in and once the War of the Griffons will be over, there will be enough paperwork to keep us busy for years. She did the right thing waiting." Jirni replied. "By the way, you shouldn't drink."

"That's not wine." Salaark chimed in. "It's the good stuff that I have the old lizard brew for when I'm pregnant. All the flavor and none of the alcohol. An enchanted version of fruit juice."

Jirni smelled the red-colored liquid before taking a sip.

"Gods, it's better than everything I ever had. You have to give me the recipe or at least a keg of this stuff."

"I'll see what I can do." The Guardian chuckled. "I've already gotten plenty of requests and the guests are drinking it like water."

She pointed at the bride's side, where Kamila, Zinya, Selia, and Rethia were.

"Zogar sends his apologies, Kami. He wouldn't have missed this for the world, but the situation in Belius looks grim." Zinya said. "The Royals ordered him to join the defensive forces of the city."

"Is it that bad?" Kamila turned pale at the news.

Belius was her adopted city, the place where she had her home and she had some of her happiest memories with Lith.

"Worse. Recently a bunch of never seen before Divine Beasts have joined the Mad Queen's ranks and the situation is snowballing fast. The Royals are desperate to recruit anyone and anything who might stop their advance." Zinya replied.

"I bet that soon they'll accept whatever condition Lith has and they'll call him on the battlefield as well."

"Don't be so glum, this is still a party. By the way, I'm sorry for stealing your thunder, Kamila." Rethia wore an emerald dress as well that brought out the deep red of her hair.

"Don't worry, it's just a dress. Thanks for coming." Kamila had never met the Wind Griffon before so she found a bit creepy the familiarity with which Rethia talked to her.

"Oh, please. Surtr couldn't wait to meet his little brother again." She replied, her silver eyes sparkling like full moon moons at the faintest light. "I know it's none of my business but I think you should start working on your firstborn.

"If Lith goes to war, anything can happen."

"I agree." Zinya said, lowering her gaze in sadness.

Despite many attempts and all the fertility potions in the Kingdom, she had failed to get pregnant of Vastor and feared having become too old. She had no idea that it was him to have become sterile after turning into a hybrid.

"Come on, girls, this is supposed to be a party. Lighten up!" Selia stopped one of the waiters, handing everyone a glass filled with an amber-colored liquor with a pungent smell. "A toast to our lovely bride."

"Congratulations, Kami." Solus had made peace with herself and this time she had attended the marriage.

"I don't think we've ever met. I'm Nyka, Kalla's daughter and one of Solus's oldest friends. Congratulations miss Verhen." They had hosted the party at night to allow even the undead to attend.

"Please, call me Kamila." She instinctively flinched at the vampire, but it lasted barely a second.

She had seen too many strange things to be bothered by a friendly vampire. Solus and Nyka moved to the groom's side of the room for some alcohol. Solus was in dire need of relax and Nyka was excited at the idea of meeting new people.

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