Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 17 - The Dazzling Return of Ling Tianya

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Chapter 17: The Dazzling Return of Ling Tianya

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The scene got rather awkward because of what was said.

Qu Wan glared viciously at the person who spoke the words; a woman with the last name Li. Mrs. Li’s family background was average in the social circle, but indecent people like Qu Wan offended her especially.

Ever since Qu Wan married into the Ling Family, the two biological daughters had both disappeared. Her own daughter seemed to be living the high life instead.

Mrs. Li was not intimidated by the look Qu Wan gave her. She was not fond of that kind of occasions to begin with. She was only there to keep an eye on her womanizing husband. The sight of Qu Wan really annoyed her.

“What? Was I wrong?” Mrs. Lee asked in a strange tone, “It’s not our first day in this circle, so no reason to pretend that we don’t all know about what happened.”

Qu Wan’s face was turning darker by the minute. Even Ling Yuqing was trying her best to hold back because she knew the importance of the evening. There was no room for imperfection.

As the women who were gathered around started to gossip, Qu Wan’s good friend Mrs. Gao opened her mouth, “Alright, alright. You were not wrong to say that everybody knew about what happened in the Ling Family. Mr. Ling has two daughters. The elder daughter Ling Tianya had a reputation that was no secret. She was engaged to Li Chengfeng and then ran away with some gigolo. She took all that dowry money from the Li Family. You can’t possibly blame Madam Wan for that! Then, you had the mother of Ling Tianya, the woman who was so slutty…Well, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but Ling Tianxin was actually not a member of the Ling Family …”

Madam Ling stared at Qu Wan disapprovingly as Mrs. Gao dug up her family’s long-buried past. Qu Wan nudged Mrs.Gao immediately, “Quit talking about that stuff. Today is Mother’s birthday, let’s not talk about such dreadful things!”

Mrs. Gao realized that as she tried to help Qu Wan, she actually brought up Ling Tianya, her sister, and her mother. They were the biggest humiliation of the Ling Family. Her telling those tales again in front of everyone was nothing but a slap in the face of Madam Ling!

Mrs. Gao looked at Qu Wan apologetically. Part of Qu Wan was in fact happy about what she said. Diminishing Ling Tianya could only make her own daughter look good.

Ling Yuqing’s eyes agreed. In her mind, she should be the face of the Ling Family since the biological daughters were such a disgrace.

Mrs. Gao’s words seemed to send everyone back to the old scandal of Ling Tianya’s mother eloping with the family chauffeur, and the rumor of Ling Tianya taking the dowry and running away with a gigolo.

“Huh,” Mrs. Li denounced coldly, “Disgrace or not, they are still the flesh and blood of the Ling Family. Better than an outsider…”

“You!” Qu Wan’s blood was boiling, almost pushing her over the edge. She had to remind herself that her mother-in-law’s birthday party was not the place to make a scene.

All of a sudden, the gate of the Ling mansion re-opened. A figure in full dazzling red made a deliberate entrance, the sound of high heels lingering in the air.

The rambunctious hall quieted down abruptly. Every single man and woman fixed their eyes on this captivating figure in red.

The corner of Ling Tianya’s mouth curved up slightly. At that every instant, all the women in the room paled in comparison, including the arrogant Guan Meiyi.

“Grandma, father — I’m back!”

Ling Tianya’s voice resonated in the hall, as if it could pierce someone’s heart.

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