Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 32 - Please Give Me an Answer!

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Chapter 32: Please Give Me an Answer!

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Hearing that Ruan Zeyan wasn’t there to look for her, Guan Meiyi raised her head slightly, disappointment evident in her eyes. No matter how the outside world talked about how the two of them were made for each other, she knew that Ruan Zeyan actually didn’t care much about her at all.

Compared to the people around there that were vying for Zeyan’s attention, the only advantage she had was the fact that she was a Guan. If not for her family’s relations, Ruan Zeyan probably wouldn’t even know who she was.

All that didn’t matter. Marriages in the socialite circles were like that. To a man like Ruan Zeyan, love was an unnecessary luxury. The Ruan family wouldn’t let Ruan Zeyan marry a woman that was no use to the Ruan family. That was why there was no dating rumor surrounding Ruan Zeyan for so many years.

Whether Ruan Zeyan loved her or not, Guan Meiyi didn’t care. As long as in the end, she was the woman married to Ruan Zeyan. She loved Ruan Zeyan after all, she loved him a lot…

“Mr. Ruan, may I know what you’re here for?” Ling Tao had no idea why the celebrity character had suddenly come. If he was not there to attend Madam Ling’s birthday dinner, and wasn’t there to look for the Guan’s, then what was he there for?

Ruan Zeyan looked up, his eyes glancing over Ling Qi, before landing on Ling Tianya who was blocked by her, his lips twitching into a smirk. “I’m looking for someone, a woman.”


Ruan Zeyan’s words set the entire room into a frenzy!

“What’s going on?!”

“Ruan Zeyan said he’s here for a woman!”

“But he’s not here for Guan Meiyi!”

“Could it be that Ruan Zeyan had someone else? Was the star Guan Meiyi dumped?!”

“This is phenomenal news!”

Guan Meiyi startled, she could feel everyone’s eyes on her, waiting for her reaction, waiting to see her make a fool of herself.

Ling Qi could no longer stand it, but she was stopped by Guan Jianlin just as she was about to speak.

“Zeyan, what do you mean?” Guan Jianlin asked, Ruan Zeyan’s words were loaded with information that they didn’t understand, and if it wasn’t handled properly, it might affect the Guan and Ruan family relations.

Ruan Zeyan’s voice was like Satan’s call from hell to Ling Tianya, what did he want?

Ling Tianya subconsciously took a step back, the urge to turn and escape welled up in her. She felt that if she didn’t leave right that moment, Ruan Zeyan would force her upon a guillotine.

If Ruan Zeyan spoke about the relationship that the two of them had, she would become the Guan and Ruan family’s enemy, or even the nemesis of all the ladies there! Ling Qi would have force her to marry Li Chenfeng to protect Guan Meiyi’s reputation back then, who knew what else she would be willing to do? Besides, there was still the Ruan family…

She was not afraid of dealing with all of those things, but they would definitely mess with all of her plans that she had put in place!

Her step back had caused her to collide with the jade statue behind her. The statue wobbled a few times before stabilizing itself, but the same could not be said for Ling Tianya. Her legs crumpled, and she fell off to the side.

“Yaya, be careful!” Li Chenfeng’s reflexes were quick, and he pulled Ling Tianya into his arms. Feeling the supple body in his arms, Li Chenfeng was absolutely delirious, “Yaya, I want you to give me an answer now!”

The scene made Ruan Zeyan freeze. He looked at those two as though looking at two ants seconds away from death, his thin lips parted, “It seems like Miss Ling owes me an answer now too.”

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