Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 40 - Could It Be, That They Know Each Other?

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Chapter 40: Could It Be, That They Know Each Other?

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It was the beginning of a new week. It was the day of the audition for the cast of the drama, located in the ballroom of a five-star hotel.

The director, Zhang Heng, sat in the middle, a cigarette pinched between his fingers. He barely hid how pissed off he was.

“Mr. Zhang, do you think TY will be here today? For the past week, it has only been her assistant that has been communicating with us. The audition and casting days are the most important, if she still isn’t here, it’s unforgivable! Her fame and success really is just overseas, I haven’t seen a screenwriter as unreliable as her in China!” The vice-director stood behind Zhang Heng, ranting his grievances.

Zhang Heng was already upset with her during the preparation and planning stages since Ling Tianya had not shown up, not even once. If not for the fact that the script was absolutely phenomenal, why would he, a renowned director, have to put up with her attitude?

Zhang Heng puffed at his cigarettes stuffily, “If she isn’t here today, then I won’t shoot the project anymore! To hell with it!”

“Mr. Zhang! Please don’t give up on the project, all of the funds are in place, this drama is counting on you to rake in the cash!” The man that spoke was the middle-aged man, Mr. Wang, that had showed up at Liu Fei’s. He was one of the producers of the drama that Ruan Zeyan had assigned.

The actors that were there to audition had all arrived. Even the only candidate for the female lead, Guan Meiyi, was waiting on her seat. The screenwriter certainly was taking her own sweet time. What was more infuriating was that her assistant was missing too!

Mr. Wang’s expression started to turn dark, “This screenwriter is going overboard, she doesn’t have an ounce of respect for us! Looks like I have to give her a harsh lesson, if not she won’t know the rules in China!”

“Mr. Wang, my apologies for being late.”

Just as Mr. Wang finished, a crisp voice came in from the outside, followed by Ling Tianya seductively walking in in her black one-piece dress. Her dress’ collar wasn’t too high, giving the people a peak of her voluptuous breasts. Her dress was short, showing just the right amount of her gorgeous legs.

Ling Tianya walked in as though she was the queen, her aura suppressed all of the actors on site.

“Who is that? Maybe she’s here to audition too?”

“Look at her, her aura’s so strong! Could it be that she’s here to fight for the female lead with Guan Meiyi?”

“Impossible! Guan Meiyi’s the designated female lead. Looking at how coy she is, it’s more likely she’s here for the female antagonist role instead!”

“Ah…Then I’m doomed, I wanted to try for that role…”

“She greeted the producers just as she came in, she’s probably related to the producer in some way. Why is she coming in through the back door though?”

The actors started to murmur among themselves, their expressions turning sorrowful as they looked at Ling Tianya.

Only Guan Meiyi had sat there without any expression on her face. At that point, she had no choice but to acknowledge that Ling Tianya was the screenwriter for the drama. It was an uncomfortable fact to recognize.

Ling Tianya glided her way towards the director and producers as everyone gazed at her and murmured. Then she plopped down in the seat meant for the screenwriter!


Amongst all in the room, there was not one that didn’t suck in a breath of surprise. The vixen-like woman was not an actor, but the world-famous screenwriter, TY!

“Mr. Wang, you mentioned earlier that you wanted to give me a lesson?” Ling Tianya’s spot was right beside Mr. Wang, and she smiled as she conversed with him.

Mr. Wang was still furious earlier, but he was completely stupefied when she spoke to him. He unconsciously swallowed, his eyes staring without blinking.

“My goodness! This woman is certainly an incubus! I have only seen her twice, but each time we meet, she gets more seductive!” He thought. “Miss TY…You’re…”

Seeing Mr. Wang stuttering, Zhang Heng couldn’t resist opening his mouth, “It’s about time, let’s start!”

Zhang Heng took a good look at Ling Tianya, he couldn’t deny that he was deeply attracted and surprised by Ling Tianya’s demeanor and looks. After all, there was definitely no other female screenwriter that could write such amazing scripts, and still look so stunning.

Ling Tianya subtly nodded at Zhang Heng, she knew that the director had some dissent towards her, smiling, “Then let’s start. Let’s begin with the female lead.” Ling Tianya looked towards Guan Meiyi, “Cousin Meiyi, it’s your show.”

Cousin Meiyi!

Everyone was flabbergasted, could it be that Guan Meiyi and the screenwriter knew each other too?

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