Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 43 - Walking Pheromone

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Chapter 43: Walking Pheromone

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The audition continued in the hotel dining hall where actress after actress was dismissed by Zhang Heng. He didn’t see anyone who met his standard for the second female lead.

Among the actresses who failed out, many were experienced with good acting skills. That didn’t change the fact that Zhang Heng had a very high standard and no reservation for offending people. He would straight out yell at an actress when she did poorly. In a short amount of time, his criticism had sent several actresses running.

Ling Tianya seemed unfazed — she didn’t like any of those actresses anyway. She was glad Zhang Heng played the ‘bad guy’ so she didn’t have to.

“Alright, let’s take a break!” Zhang Heng exclaimed, looking visibly agitated. He lit a cigarette and started smoking, “How come so few people these days actually know how to act?!”

Zhang Heng was not targeting those words at anyone specifically, but it didn’t stop Guan Meiyi from feeling bad when she heard that.

She was increasingly worried too. She knew that Zhang Heng would not go easy on her, and if she did poorly and got scolded, the humiliation would be too much to bear.

“Director Zhang, I think my cousin Meiyi is finally ready, let’s give her a try and brighten your mood.” Ling Tianya’s voice sounded crisp and clear. Guan Meiyi’s whole body turned stiff as she looked at Ling Tianya furiously.

If she was not sure whether Ling Tianya was targeting at her earlier, she had no doubt now. That woman is targeting me for sure!

“Okay,” Zhang Heng put out his cigarette, “Miss Guan, your turn.”

Guan Meiyi’s smile froze. Technically speaking, the Director had given her enough time, especially compared to everyone else. During all that time, Guan Meiyi’s head was elsewhere, she was not thinking about the scene at all. That’s why when Ling Tianya made the suggestion, Guan Meiyi was certain that she was throwing her under the bus on purpose.

All eyes were on Guan Meiyi. She stood up with great hesitation, “…Okay…”

Suddenly, the doors of the dining hall were busted open and a tall figure briskly walked in.

The person who entered was no one else but Ruan Zeyan, the investor of the TV show and Chairman of the Yuan Teng Corporation.

“Oh my god! Isn’t that Ruan Zeyan!”

“Yeah, that’s definitely him!”

Several actresses couldn’t contain their excitement and almost screamed.

At six feet and four inches tall, Ruan Zeyan was not only good-looking, but also impeccably dressed. He was also known for his sexy figure, especially his perfect long legs, his mysterious eyes, and mesmerizing smile.

He fulfilled every fantasy a woman could have about men…

Ruan Zeyan’s tailored white dress shirt was opened down to the third button, showing off his pectoral muscles. A pair of pressed slim dress pants complemented his long legs perfectly.

At that moment, so many women in the hall were practically drooling.

This man was the epitome of masculinity, a walking pheromone!

“Mr. Ruan, I didn’t know you were coming!” Mr. Wang hurried up to welcome Ruan Zeyan. Everyone else also stood up respectfully, including the arrogant Zhang Heng.

That made it very obvious that Ling Tianya was the only person who was still sitting.

It was only after she saw that he was looking directly at her, that Ling Tianya even looked at him. She thought to herself, “What is this man doing here? Does he have nothing else to do?”

Ruan Zeyan’s eyes stopped at Ling Tianya just briefly, but the look on his face was increasingly serious.

He walked slowly towards her. That ass-kissing Mr. Wang wiped the seat he was just sitting in and said, “Mr. Ruan, please sit down.”

Ruan Zeyan didn’t acknowledge him. He stopped in front of Ling Tianya and said, “Get up!”

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