Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 46 - Ling Yuqing is an actor

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Chapter 46: Ling Yuqing is an actor

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Ling Yuqing’s eyes were bloodshot, a sight designed to evoke pity. If Ling Tianya was a man, she would definitely have a strong urge to protect this pitiful lady.

Unfortunately, Ling Tianya was a woman, and a heartless one at that.

“What a coincidence.” Ling Tianya eyed her from the corner of her eyes, before ignoring her again.

Ling Yuqing’s expression flickered for a moment, before it went back to the ‘harmless rabbit’ mode, “Tianya, I’ve been intending to contact you, but I don’t have the means to…”

“Eh.” Ling Tianya huffed, taking out her phone to check her emails.

Ling Tianya’s arrogant nonchalance made Ling Yuqing want to tear into her like a tiger to an antelope, but she knew that in a public place such as that, she could not do such a thing.

“Tianya, Mom and I are living in the hotel now. Because of what happened at Grandma’s birthday, Mom and I were chased out of the house. Grandma’s still angry…” Ling Yuqing’s voice took a turn, she sounded like she was seconds from crying, “Dad says that as long as Grandma’s still angry with us, Mom and I can’t go home…”

“Is that so?” Ling Tianya finally put down her phone, meeting Ling Yuqing’s eyes, her smile sinister, “But, what has it got to do with me?”

Ling Yuqing was stunned into silence at Ling Tianya’s words. By the time she wanted to give her reply, Ling Tianya had already run out of patience and had stood to head towards the ballroom.

Seeing that Ling Tianya was about to leave, Ling Yuqing chewed at her lip, deciding to just go all out. She grabbed onto Ling Tianya, before falling to her knees without care.

“What are you doing?!” Ling Yuqing’s extreme actions definitely were not within Ling Tianya’s expectations, “What’s going on now? What is this woman trying to do?”

The ballroom was a crowded place, many people were passing by. Especially the actors that had finished their audition. They were definitely shocked by the scene, and started to gossip amongst themselves.

“Tianya, please don’t be angry at me and mom anymore! We’re family! I know, because my mom’s not your biological mom, and that I’m not the Ling family’s blood daughter, you’re unable to accept us…but, you’re important in me and my mom’s heart. Those years you weren’t around, me and mom did all we could to take care of the family in your stead. I’ve always treated Dad as my real Dad to lessen the pain that your departure had on him…” Ling Yuqing sobbed through her words, her sorrowful display really pinching the hearts of many.

Even though Ling Yuqing looked like she was apologizing to Ling Tianya, she was actually insinuating that Ling Tianya went missing for years, and Ling Yuqing was the one that had fulfilled the role of a daughter for her, being filial to their elders. She implied Ling Tianya was an unfilial woman that did not care about the family for years, hurting their father!

Not surprisingly, the audience started to take out their phones to record the scene, the criticism against Ling Tianya already starting.

Paired with what had happened in the ballroom earlier, Ling Tianya quickly became the talk of the town.

“Wow, it’s really a pity that you aren’t and actress.” Ling Tianya sniggered, looking at Ling Yuqing as though she was seeing a clown.

It looked like Ling Yuqing had learned some new tricks over the years. She knew that just pretending to be weak was useless by then. She started to learn how to manipulate societal pressures.

Ling Tianya had just returned to China for her development, if rumors about her unfilial acts and bullying of her step-sister started to spread, her chances of working in China would be slim when coupled with the fact that her reputation was already a mess.

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