Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 52 - They Are Still Sisters

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Chapter 52: They Are Still Sisters

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Ling Tianya indifferently looked at Ling Yuqing’s pleading face, by then she knew to be afraid, what was she thinking from the start?

Ling Tianya didn’t intend to act out that day, she just wanted to complete the auditioning, but who knew that Ling Yuqing would voluntarily come crashing into her. She couldn’t be blamed for lashing back out.

“Sorry to trouble you then,” Ling Tianya politely thanked Du Gang.

Du Gang nodded, calling the police.

“Ling Tianya! Are you crazy?! Blowing the entire situation up now is not good for either of us!” Ling Yuqing’s threat to Ling Tianya was feeble.

Ling Tianya sniggered, she was already in a precarious situation, and yet she was still thinking about threatening her.

Did Yuqing think she would still be intimidated by that?

Seeing that Ling Tianya really was about to call the police, Guan Meiyi furrowed her brows, “Yaya, let’s not call the police. If news gets out, it will affect the Ling family’s reputation too.”

Guan Meiyi’s goody two shoes personality was at work again, Ling Tianya laughed at her, “Cousin Meiyi, what has the Ling family’s reputation got to do with me?”

Guan Meiyi’s eyes widened in shock, “You’re a part of the Ling family too!”

“Huh?” Ling Tianya eyes bore into Guan Meiyi’s, the question in her eyes evident. Her eyes asked; ‘who had ever treated her like a member of the Ling family?’ They had only treated her like the Ling family’s embarrassment!

At Ling Tianya’s look, Guan Meiyi gaped her mouth like a goldfish, but there were no other words she could say.

A perfectly simple audition was forced to stop in the midst of all the commotion.

In the police station, Ling Tianya had just finished her testimony, and was resting on her chair.

Not far away, Ling Yuqing was getting interrogated by the police. Facing them, Ling Yuqing refused to testify, and only insisted to wait for her lawyer to come to deal with the situation while glaring at Ling Tianya who was the epitome of relaxation.

She didn’t expect Ling Tianya to be so heartless, but she really called the police.

Right then, Qu Wan’s howling was heard from inside, “My God! My Yuqing, Yuqing, are you alright?!”

Following the sound, Qu Wan’s walked in with tears streaming down her face. The moment she walked in, she spotted Ling Tianya who was sitting by the door, she was stunned, the look in her eyes predatory.

“Mom! I’m here!” Seeing Qu Wan, it was like Ling Yuqing had found her courage, immediately standing.

“Sit down!” The civil police shouted at Ling Yuqing in irritation. He just about had enough of the ladies from the socialite families, each one of their attitudes were worse than the last. They didn’t put the police into consideration at all. In their minds, those kinds of small situations were easily settled just by spending some money on a lawyer.

The police officer’s shouts prompted Ling Yuqing to sit down unwillingly.

Her daughter’s screams distracted Qu Wan from glaring at Ling Tianya, quickly walking over to Ling Yuqing.

Closely behind Qu Wan was a lawyer, Ling Tianya knew him, he was the Ling family’s personal lawyer, Mr Bai. He had serviced the family for several years. At least, when her biological mother was still Mrs. Ling, Lawyer Bai had already begun work for the Ling family.

Mr. Bai merely glanced over Ling Tianya, before walking straight to Ling Yuqing.

Mr. Bai’s actions didn’t faze Ling Tianya at all, the man had always been a money grubber. Qu Wan had been Mrs. Ling for so many years, she definitely had pulled him onto her side.

Right then, Ling Tao trotted in too, his face tight with tension, his eyes conflicted as he looked at Ling Tianya.

Just as Ling Tao wanted to talk to Ling Tianya, he was interrupted by Qu Wan’s crying.

“Tao… Look what Yaya has done! She’s still Yuqing’s sister, does she have to escalate this all the way to the police station?”

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