Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 64 - He Grabbed Your Wrist

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Chapter 64: He Grabbed Your Wrist

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Ling Tianya would never expect that things would go that way, that Ruan Zeyan would actually chop off Kang Shao’s hands. Seeing Kang Shao’s blood flow into a puddle, he fell onto the floor, wailing in immense pain, “My hands…My hands…”

“Ruan Zeyan?” In Ling Tianya’s eyes, Kang Shao may have been detestable, but there was no reason to bring it that far.

The man looked at her, “He grabbed your wrist.”

Ruan Zeyan’s voice was low and light, as though what was just chopped off was a pig’s feet, and not Kang Shao’s.

“Just because of that?” Ling Tianya thought.

The people in the room that were still sober had only just understood why he had such an attitude to Kang Shao, at the same time they were relieved that they had done nothing inappropriate to Ling Tianya, or… not yet at least.

Just as Kang Shao was about to faint, he had heard Ruan Zeyan’s words, and he felt like death. It was just because he had touched her wrists that he wanted to chop off his hands off?

That was why Ruan Zeyan had said he should be glad he only had two hands?

A horrified crying rang throughout the room, what happened to Kang Shao had definitely shocked them all.

Ruan Zeyan’s merely looked at them, before speaking, “You don’t have to be afraid, I just want to ask two questions, answer me truthfully.”

Everyone scrambled to nod their heads like bobble-head dolls, “Yes yes! We’ll be honest!”

Of course, who would dare to still be dishonest?

“Who’s the mastermind behind this? What did you plan to do to her?”

“It’s Ling Yuqing!” Not waiting for others to speak before her, Xin Xin had scrambled to answer to save her own life, “Ling Yuqing asked me to bring Tianya here, and arranged for these people to be here, wanting them to destroy Ling Tianya!’

Ruan Zeyan looked toward Xin Xin, “How?”

Xin Xin’s stiffened at Ruan Zeyan’s stare, so those novels had been true about those looks that could kill, Xin Xin really felt that she was about to die.

“How… Um, just some risque things between them … and then have some photos and videos to spread on the internet, so Tianya’s future in China would be ruined…”

Xin Xin tried to beat around the bush, worried that if she was too direct, Ruan Zeyan would be even more furious.

Ling Tianya’s eyes flashed with despair, so Ling Yuqing was that heartless!

Ruan Zeyan’s eyes filled over with fury, the atmosphere as silent as death, it was as though everyone was waiting for a judge’s ruling.

Moments later, Ruan Zeyan stood up, holding onto Ling Tianya as he brought the both of them out.

Just as everyone thought that they were in the clear, Ruan Zeyan’s cold voice reached their ears.

“Those that we are working with, end it, those that we aren’t, ruin them, and make that woman disappear.”

“Yes, Boss!” Du Gang immediately started acting at Ruan Zeyan’s orders.

Hearing Ruan Zeyan’s words, everyone’s face washed white in despair. They had thought initially that they could get out of it scot-free, but who knew that just because of Ruan Zeyan’s one sentence, their entire family could be doomed out of existence…

Xin Xin crawled a few steps, wanting to catch up to Ling Tianya, but was blocked by someone.

She looked at Kang Shao whom had already fainted, and she immensely regretted her actions.

Sometimes, to let someone disappear didn’t mean to kill them, but to make them wish that they were dead instead…

Ling Tianya felt herself stumbling to catching up with Ruan Zeyan, she wanted to escape, but the man had a death grip on her.

What a brute!

“Ruan Zeyan, let go of me!”

It was like the man was deaf to her words, pinching his lips together, his strides long.

“Ruan Zeyan just what do you want? Do you know what you have done? Have you lost your mind? I’m Ling Tianya! The woman that you hate and detested the mo- uh!”

Ling Tianya suddenly felt her world spin, and she was pressed onto the wall by Ruan Zeyan. Before she could get another word out, her lips were covered by the man.

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