Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 77 - Adding Fuel to the Fire

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Chapter 77: Adding Fuel to the Fire

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After making sure his grandmother was okay, Ruan Zeyan walked straight toward the restaurant owner.

Talking a big game just a moment ago, the owner suddenly quieted down when he was faced with Ruan Zeyan, a towering and intense man.

Ruan Zeyan declared who he was and promised the owner he’d pay for all his loss.

After hearing that the man was the famous Ran Zeyan himself, the owner lost the little bit of courage he was trying to build and almost broke down into tears…

He would have never thought that the old woman in those shitty clothes was Ruan Zeyan’s grandmother! He was thanking the pretty woman in his head and felt so lucky that he didn’t actually touch the old lady. Not only would he have never see a cent for his restaurant, he might not have come out alive!

Now that the problem was solved, Ruan Zeyan left it to one of his men to discuss compensation with the owner.

Inside the car, the mood was somewhat depressing. Madam Ruan looked like a child who had done something wrong. She looked at Ruan Zeyan from the corner of her eyes, “Grandson, my car…that…”

“Du Gang, send Grandma’s car to the junkyard.” Ruan Zeyan said authoritatively without moving his head.

Madam Ruan was irritated after hearing that Ruan Zeyan was getting rid of her car. “You little brat! That’s a new car that I just bought, and you’re sending it to the junkyard? It just needs some repairs done at the shop. How dare you to trash my car!”

Ruan Zeyan didn’t respond. He continued to speak to Du Gang, “Assign more men to watch my grandma. She has to be escorted whenever she leaves the house, and nothing like this can happen again!”

Du Gang shrank back and complied, “Yes, sir!”

“You little brat! Who do you think you are? Are you putting me on house arrest? I am your grandmother!” Madam Ruan lifted a hand and hit Ruan Zeyan right on the back. She didn’t want to hurt him for real, after all she cared about him.

Ruan Zeyan turned his body to face the old lady, but was still addressing Du Gang, “If something like today ever happens again, you know what to do with yourself.”

Sweat drenched Du Gang’s forehead, “Yes, boss!”

At that point, Madam Ruan realized that she really messed up that time and her grandson was royally mad. She backed down in compliance, “Okay, I know it’s my fault. I won’t do it again. Don’t scare Du Gang like that!”

Ruan Zeyan looked straight into her eyes, “Grandma, you know me, I never scare people.”

That was right. Ruan Zeyan always did what he said. Who needed to scare?

Madam Ruan nodded her head. For Du Gang’s sake, she had to behave herself for a little while.

“Kid, you don’t have a woman occupying your attention, so you always have your eyes on your grandma. It’s time to find you a wife. Your parents are going to meet the Guans to talk about your engagement with Guan Meiyi!”

After hearing that, Ruan Zeyan looked extremely displeased, eyebrows furrowed.

“I knew it! You don’t like that actress at all, and your parents are fooling themselves! Don’t worry, your grandma will never let that actress in our house!” Then, the old lady remembered Ling Tianya and nudged Ruan Zeyan with a smile, “So today before you showed up, a really good-looking girl was taking care of me. I was gonna introduce her to you, because I knew you would like her!”

Thank god his boss didn’t meet the woman the old lady was talking about, Du Gang thought to himself. Right then, Ling Tianya was still very much entangled with Mr. Ruan. If the old lady brought in some other woman, it would be adding fuel to the fire!

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