Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 78 - Ruan Zeyan’s Plan

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Chapter 78: Ruan Zeyan’s Plan

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Ruan Zeyan had stubbornly insisted on extending the sixty episode script into an eighty episode one. The production team had to reschedule all the actors’ work slots, and adjust the speed of filming. In order to not delay and affect the team’s filming schedule and actors’ work slots, Ling Tianya had to pull over-time and all nighters to edit the script. She had to maintain its quality at the same time.

That is the first lesson that Ling Tianya had learned after coming back to China. In China’s entertainment industry, the one that had the most power is still the investor, and they always did things in order to maximize the potential income. As long as it was a request from the investor, the production crew would usually try to meet it.

Most of the investors usually just requested for certain actors to be used in certain roles, but Ling Tianya was a bit of a special case. Not only did she have to deal with Guan Meiyi being specially requested, she also was forced to film and edit the script at the same time.

Everytime Ling Tianya completed editing one episode of the script, she would curse Ruan Zeyan in her heart. Her instincts told her that Ruan Zeyan had done it on purpose, just to torture her!

Ling Tianya was tired out by editing the script daily. Zhang Heng had taken note of it too. He knew that she was tired, so he tried his best to not bother her too much. Even in the crew, they barely had a chance to meet with each other. Ling Tianya was usually rushing to edit the script, while Zhang Heng was rushing to meet the filming schedule.

In the office, Ruan Zeyan was buried deep in his writing. Du Gang stood stock still on the opposite side of the huge work desk.

“Miss Ling is recently busy with editing the script, and so is Mr. Zhang. Both of them have very little interaction.” Du Gang carefully observed Ruan Zeyan’s reactions. Seeing that he was still continuing to write, he carried on, “But, Miss Ling seems to be quite emotionally unstable…”

“Ok.” Ruan Zeyan’s brows lifted for a bit, as though he didn’t take it to heart.

“The crew said that Miss Ling’s temper was pretty explosive of late, and has been scolding people often…” He said. “…especially you, Boss–!”

That was what Du Gang did not dare to say the. He did not have a good gauge of his Boss’ emotions, he didn’t know if he would be caught in the crossfire should he say it.

Working for him was like working for a tiger!

“Ok.” Ruan Zeyan only responded after a while.

Just as Du Gang felt that he was in the clear, and was about to leave silently, Ruan Zeyan spoke up again, “Is Gu Zhiqian back?”

Gu Zhiqian, was a renowned actor. He was a male actor often appearing in the blockbuster movies, a man that looked good, and acted even better. He was a true visual-type actor, with fans all over the world. Just like Guan Meiyi, he was an actor signed under Zhi Ya Entertainment. What was different was that, unlike Guan Meiyi, Gu Zhiqian had actual skill to back up his status. He was the true signature of Zhi Ya.

At the same time, Gu Zhiqian was also one of the eligible heirs to the Gu family’s business. The Gu family dealt with hotels. The Gu family’s hotels were scattered around the world, just like Gu Zhiqian’s fans. Because of his powerful background, he had a special connection with Ruan Zeyan.

“He’s back. Mr. Gu said that he will immediately go to the film set, and will meet with you at night instead.” Du Gang answers.

“Okay, you may go.”

Du Gang carefully looked at Ruan Zeyan, he didn’t seem to be very affected by Miss Ling’s news. No matter how Du Gang looked at it, he felt that adding episodes to the drama wasn’t about maximizing the profit at all, but instead to prevent Miss Ling and Zhang Heng from coming into contact too often.

His boss definitely was on another level, one simple command and he had pushed Miss Ling and Mr. Zhang to be so busy that their chances of interaction were so few, that it was almost pathetic.

After lunch had passed, the production crew had continued on with their tight filming schedule. A nanny van had pulled up discreetly, before stopping in a relatively shaded area.

Gu Zhiqian wore a deep blue autumn coat, coming down from the nanny van, his long, slender fingers propped his limited edition sunglasses up his nose.

Just as he was about to lead his assistant and manager toward his room, he saw a small woman tearing into a book not too far away, seemingly screaming at someone.

“What a bastard! Creating trouble for me…”

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