Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 80 - Gu Zhiqian’s Having a Party

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Chapter 80: Gu Zhiqian’s Having a Party

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Ling Tianya merely glanced at Gu Zhiqian’s outstretched hand, white and glowing. Just from his hands, she knew that the man was someone that was particular about his maintenance routine.

“Hello, Ling Tianya.” Ling Tianya held out her hand nonchalantly, before quickly taking it back, then turning to Zhang Heng. “Director, I still have work to finish, call me if there’s anything else.”

Zhang Heng knew that there was much that Ling Tianya had to do, and he had called her over just to introduce her briefly to Gu Zhiqian, “Okay, go and finish your work.”

Ling Tianya didn’t take another look at Gu Zhiqian, sharply turning around to leave.

Gu Zhiqian’s brows shot up, his interest growing in the screenwriter that seemed to have only one expression, feeling that she was similar to someone he knew.

“Who is it she reminds me of?” Gu Zhiqian’s brows furrowed as he brainstormed.

“Oh, right! Ruan Zeyan!” Gu Zhiqian thought out loud. He fixated on Ling Tianya’s back, “That kind of loneliness, that attitude that saves you no face, it’s exactly the same as Ruan Zeyan…”

Hearing Gu Zhiqian say Ruan Zeyan’s name, Guan Meiyi’s interest was immediately piqued, and she went up to Gu Zhiqian to initiate a conversation, “Zhiqian, you mentioned Zeyan, have you met?”

“Not yet.” Gu Zhiqian answered casually, before bringing his assistant and manager to his makeup room.

Guan Meiyi’s mouth froze in place, twitching, “Why must I be be partners with this man?!”

Li Fei stood beside Guan Meiyi, and her expression wasn’t too happy either, “This Gu Zhiqian doesn’t know about your relationship with Mr. Ruan? When you marry into the Ruan family in the future, Gu Zhiqian has to call you ‘sister-in-law’!”

Guan Meiyi’s eyes flickered, her fists clenched tight, only loosening after some time, “Let’s get ready for filming, Gu Zhiqian’s here, I have to be more hardworking now.”

Guan Meiyi never wanted to be looked down on by Gu Zhiqian again about her acting.

Guan Meiyi’s proactiveness and pride were stimulated to the maximum because of Gu Zhiqian’s arrival. She became more focused on her acting, so much that even Zhang Heng was impressed by Guan Meiyi.

On the other hand, Ling Tianya was so engrossed in the editing of her script that she had completely lost track of time. There was a scene that she just couldn’t get right no matter how she tried, repeatedly writing, and cancelling it away. It wasn’t until Zhang Ke walked in that she realized that the sun had long set.

“Miss Ling, Gu Zhiqian’s organizing a party tonight and invited the key members of the production crew. Mr. Zhang asked me to inform you, a suitable work-life balance would be good for you.”

Ling Tianya closed her computer dejectedly. Her brain seemed to have been replaced by clouds, floating in the air, with nothing left in them. It was time to take a break.


Gu Zhiqian’s party was held at Liu Fei. Initially when Ling Tianya heard of the location, she was resistant to it. It was there that she had met Ruan Zeyan and it was also the start of the entire mess.

Ling Tianya felt that her attire was not suitable for Liu Fei. By the time she had gone home to change, before arriving at Liu Fei, it was already half an hour past the stipulated start time. When Ling Tianya walked into the big VIP room that Gu Zhiqian booked on the regular, most of the people had already arrived.

Gu Zhiqian’s huge autumn coat was haphazardly thrown into a corner, and he was left with a crisp dress shirt, its buttons casually unbuttoned, his toned and sexy muscles playing peek-a-boo. He hugged two actresses as he drank, flirted, and let go.

Seeing Ling Tianya walk in with her little black dress, Gu Zhiqian pushed the actresses aside, walking towards her. He held onto her shoulder from behind, whispering into her ear seductively, “My gorgeous screenwriter, you’re late, you have to drink with me then.”

Ling Tianya stood at the door, as though she didn’t hear a single word that Gu Zhiqian had said. Her eyes widened at the man seated right in the middle of the sofa, a single arm propped on it’s back, his face cold. It was Ruan Zeyan.

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