Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 81 - Every Girl’s Dream

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Chapter 81: Every Girl’s Dream

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Ruan Zeyan quietly sat on the spacious couch. The diamonds embedded on the back of the couch reflected the lights and shined on his face, making him look even more serious and cold.

Ruan Zeyan apparently saw Ling Tianya who was standing at the doorway. He only glanced at her for a second before turning his gaze back to the big screen, as if she and all the other female celebrities in the room were insignificant.

It was strange that Ruan Zeyan’s face looked icier and icier. He stared at the screen as if he was looking at his competition.

There was no doubt that Ruan Zeyan was the man of all men. Attractive, brilliant, wealthy, and powerful. He was nicknamed “the walking pheromone”, he was every girl’s dream and this label was not unfounded. Just like any dream, he was someone you could only think about, but never touch, because he was always cold and distant. As a result, all the girls would rather throw themselves at Gu Zhiqian, the playboy best actor, instead of getting near Ruan Zeyan.

There was a lot of empty space surrounding Ruan Zeyan. Even Guan Meiyi moved away a bit after sensing the weird mood he seemed to be in.

Noticing that Ling Tianya was looking at Ruan Zeyan, Gu Zhiqian smiled and took her wrist, walking her towards the couch.

Ling Tianya looked down at her wrist. The last person who touched her wrist, Kang Shao, ended up losing both hands thanks to Ruan Zeyan. She didn’t know why and didn’t want to find out either. Secretly Ling Tianya was curious what would happen to Gu Zhiqian’s hands. It occurred to Ling Tianya that her thoughts were a bit evil.

“Our beautiful screenwriter, you were staring at Zeyan ever since you walked through the door. Have you not met him before?” Gu Zhiqian smirked. “No way. He is the investor of this show, you must have met him.”

Hearing Gu Zhiqian addressing Ruan Zeyan by his first name, Ling Tianya knew that they must have a special relationship. Looked like no hands were being chopped that day.

Ruan Zeyan and Guan Meiyi also heard what Guan Zhiqian was saying and turned to look at Ling Tianya. It was hard to decipher Ruan Zeyan’s mood exactly.

Guan Meiyi, on the other hand, felt a slight burn and a growing anxiety. “Did Ling Tianya have her eyes on Ruan Zeyan?” The thought planted a seed of apprehension in Guan Meiyi’s mind, making her move closer to Ruan Zeyan subconsciously as if she was declaring him her territory.

What made Guan Meiyi the most anxious was the fact that Ruan Zeyan did not look at her even once that evening. The courtship seemed completely one-sided that far.

Ling Tianya glanced at Guan Meiyi and detected the angst in her eyes, even though to everyone else Guan Meiyi’s facial expression didn’t give away anything.

Ling Tianya smiled politely, “Mr. Ruan and I met before, I just didn’t expect to see him here tonight. I always thought chairmen of big corporations were busy all the time, maybe it’s not the case after all.”

The subtext of her words was obvious. “Ruan Zeyan, do you have so much free time? Why do I see you everywhere?”

“When and where I decide to make an appearance is no concern of yours.” Ruan Zeyan looked straight over at Ling Tianya. The lack of expression on his face didn’t make it less intimidating.

Very quickly, the mood of the whole room was dampened.

Seeing Ruan Zeyan’s attitude towards Ling Tianya, Guan Meiyi felt relieved. She was definitely overthinking it. Ruan Zeyan apparently loathed Ling Tianya and had treated her with hostility from the very beginning. As long as Ling Tianya had some self-respect, she would not throw herself at Ruan Zeyan.

Gu Zhiqian was the only person in the room whose spirit was not affected by Ruan Zeyan. He sat Ling Tianya and himself down right next to Ruan Zeyan and raised a glass of whiskey on ice, “Like I said, penalty drink for being late.”

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