Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 82 - Feel His Warmth

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Chapter 82: Feel His Warmth

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Just by looking at the bottle, Ling Tianya knew that it was not a cheap one. Seeing how Gu Zhiqian was acting, it was as though he was treating theliquor like a bottle of mineral water. He poured a full cup for Ling Tianya, a cup that would spill at the slightest jerk.

The people in the room immediately joined in the commotion, seeing that Gu Zhiqian was planning to make Ling Tianya drink. The day’s star was Gu Zhiqian, and with Ruan Zeyan’s presence, there was nothing more important than making sure those two were happy.

It was exactly because of that, that Ling Tianya’s safety became frivolous in other’s eyes. As though sacrificing one Ling Tianya would give them a beautiful future…

Even as the director of the drama, Zhang Heng did not have much say, nor confidence, when it comes to Ruan Zeyan and Gu Zhiqian. It was not that he was afraid of them, but he knew, with his power alone, he would not be able to sway them from their decisions.

Even so, Zhang Heng still looked worryingly at Ling Tianya. She was definitely stressed out by the sheer amount of work that she had to do, could she really withstand the full glass of whisky? More importantly, would it affect the filming of the drama?

“Why, not showing me due respect?” Seeing that Ling Tianya did not take the glass, Gu Zhiqian raised his brows threateningly, his brown eyes like swampy water which you couldn’t see underneath, a chill spread through Ling Tianya.

“Miss Ling still has to edit the script, and she can’t drink much, let me drink it on her behalf!” Zhang Heng eventually stood up, reaching for the shot glass in Gu Zhiqian’s hands.

Gu Zhiqian raised his hand instead, his voice an indescribable chill, “Mr. Zhang, don’t break the rules.”

Zhang Heng’s outstretched hand stilled in midair, his lips twitching with unsaid words. He knew that, because he was the director and Gu Zhiqian is the male lead, that was why he was generous with how he had spoken to him.

“Miss Ling is the screenwriter, while I am the director. We’re both from the same production crew, isn’t it the same no matter who drinks it?” Zhang Heng gritted his teeth as he tried once again to help Ling Tianya.

The situation had turned awkward for a moment, Ling Tianya looked at Zhang Heng. She knew that he was doing it for her good, but it also made people think she was a pretentious lady.

“Miss Ling’s putting on so much air, I think just one cup’s not enough, how about two then?”

Ruan Zeyan’s light voice was heard, and she didn’t know if it was her imagination, but she seemed to have seen Ruan Zeyan pull his hand back towards himself.

Gu Zhiqian smiled as he poured another cup, “That’s right, drink both!”

Gu Zhiqian’s eyes made Ling Tianya extremely uncomfortable, as though he was saying, ‘It’s a cup of whisky that I, Gu Zhiqian, have poured for you, so what you will be drinking is not alcohol, but honor!’

That let Ling Tianya recall what had happened after she met Ruan Zeyan for the first time at Liu Fei, Ruan Zeyan having brought her to the Hu Xin Island against her wishes. He had been intimate with her through brute force, before acting as though it was a great honor for her to have spent a night with him in bed.

From a certain perspective, those two people are the exact same kind of people — way too arrogant!

Everyone’s eyes were fixated between Ling Tianya and the two glasses of whisky in Gu Zhiqian’s hands. Guan Meiyi, as her cousin, only sat by the side and watch the whole situation unfold, her face a perfect picture of subtle worry. She had no intention to step in. She knew where she stood in the situation, she had to show that she was concerned, but she had to let Ling Tianya drink those two cups of alcohol.

Ling Tianya refused to back down, the defiance clear in her eyes as she looked at Gu Zhiqian, her lips curving beautifully upwards, showing a seductive smile. She didn’t speak, merely took the two glasses, downing both of them in one go, even upturning the both of them after she had finished the drink to prove that she did not miss a single drop of it.

“Great!” Gu Zhiqian was finally satisfied, clapping twice before he took his seat again. The two actresses were smart and had immediately stuck to his side again.

Ling Tianya was squished right to Ruan Zeyan’s side, even to the point where she was able to feel the subtle warmth of his body.

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