Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 86 - What are You Busy With, and Where?

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Chapter 86: What are You Busy With, and Where?

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Ling Tianya had drank some alcohol, so she had called a driver, who had not arrived yet. She leaned on her car enjoying the breeze, looking at the caller ID on her phone, before deciding to take the call.

“Yaya, why did it take you so long to pick up?” Ling Tao’s voice was unhappy, clearly, he felt that Ling Tianya being slow to pick up had inconvenienced him.

“I’m busy.” Ling Tianya randomly threw out an excuse, but it was right at that moment that a group of people had came out of Liu Fei, clearly drunk. They teased each other about adult activities.

“Sleep at my house tonight!”

“Sure, I’ve learnt a new trick recently, I’ll make sure you can’t get out of bed tomorrow~”

“Mmmm, even if all three of you come at the same time, it’s no issue…”

There was an awkward silence.

“Ling Tianya, what are you busy with, and where is it?!” Ling Tao’s voice was significantly louder, saturated with a clear disgust and disappointment.

Ling Tianya wanted to tell him that the people who thought dirty thoughts would think of everything was dirty. Maybe they were talking about playing Mobile Legends at night?

When she had took a look back that that group, she admitted defeat, they were so close to each other they were barely separable. If not for their last speck of clarity, they might just give everyone around them an exciting show.

“I really am doing work, it’s a dinner arranged by the production team.” Ling Tianya casually replied. Even though she had lost hope towards her father, she still didn’t wish for him to think of her as a floozy woman.

“Hah, your production crew sure knows how to pick a place for a dinner!” Ling Tao’s voice was laced with so many emotions, as though he didn’t believe what Ling Tianya had said.

Ling Tianya frowned, she found herself laughable, why was she explaining all that to Ling Tao? She was already a bitch with an unsalvageable reputation to the Ling’s already anyway.

“What did you call me for?” Ling Tianya cut to the chase, not wanting to waste more time.

“I’m your dad, must I only call you when I have something to tell you?”

“If there’s nothing, then I’m hanging up.” Seeing the driver arrive, Ling Tianya was more than ready to end the pitious father-daughter conversation.

“Wait!” Ling Tao raised his voice to stop Ling Tianya, “Come back home tomorrow, have dinner here.”


With Ling Tianya’s reply, Ling Tao immediately ended the call. Ling Tianya stared dazedly at her phone, before entering the car.

The next day, after work, she brought Zhang Ke with her to the Ling mansion.

It was Zhang Ke’s first time coming to the Ling’s home, she knew the relationship between Ling Tianya and the Ling family, so she felt that she was about to enter some dragon’s den, “Miss Ling, what am I supposed to do or say?”

“Shut up, just eat.”

Zhang Ke didn’t know what to say to that. She thought that her teacher had asked her along in order for her to do something. In the end she’s just there to shut up and eat? She felt that she had absolutely no use at all…

Ling Tianya’s intention to call Zhang Ke there was simple, with an outsider there, they would more or less be more careful with their words. She would have a reason to leave the Ling mansion earlier too.

At the Ling mansion, the two of them parked their car. The moment they entered the door, they saw Qu Wan’s joyful face, and Ling Yuqing’s sniggering.

Ling Tianya narrowed her eyes, it seemed that she had underestimated Qu Wan. The woman definitely had her ways, she had placated Madam Ling so quickly and had returned to the Ling mansion.

“Yo! Yaya’s back!” Qu Wan chuckled as she walked over, stuttering for a bit when she saw Zhang Ke, “And you brought a friend? This is the first time I’ve seen you bring a friend home!”

Ling Tianya could only scoff at her, was Qu Wan being sarcastic suggesting she never had friends? Ling Yuqing did bring friends back often for all kinds of gatherings after all.

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