Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 88 - Ling Yuqing’s Smarter Now

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Chapter 88: Ling Yuqing’s Smarter Now

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If even Ling Tao had spoken up on the matter, Ling Yuqing could only bite her lip, swallowing the feeling of unfairness. Her eyes flickered as she looked at Ling Tianya. If Ling Tianya kept up her uninterested face, she could continue to play the pitiful party, to win over Ling Tao’s empathy. Ling Tianya had actually started lecturing her using her role as her older sister, that left Ling Yuqing in a corner, without being able to retort, “Okay, Dad…”

Seeing her own daughter back off in defeat, Qu Wan hurried to diffuse the situation, “Let’s not stand around, let’s head inside for food, don’t let your mom wait for nothing!”

It was only until when everyone was headed to the dining room that Zhang Ke recovered from the whole spectacle. She seemed to have just witnessed an amazing battle of the socialites!

“What are you waiting around for? Not hungry?” Ling Tianya surveyed Zhang Ke.

“I’m hungry!”

Zhang Ke followed behind Ling Tianya, the Ling mansion was huge, so was the dining room. Their long table situated in it was definitely able to sit many.

Not too long after they had reached the dining room, Madam Ling was escorted into the room by the helper, Zhang, her normally dull face falling even more after seeing Ling Tianya.

“Grandma,” Ling Tianya greeted Mdm Ling out of respect.

“Eh.” Madam Ling nonchalantly replied Ling Tianya, “Let’s sit and eat.”

The table was absolutely silent, it was getting suffocating for Zhang Ke, and all she could do was to lessen her presence, lowering her head as she ate some white rice.

Qu Wan nudged Ling Tao, reminding him of the reason why he had called that meeting, and so he asked Ling Tianya, “Yaya, the main purpose for calling you back is that I want to have a family dinner for once. Secondly, I heard that recently you’ve been really busy in the production crew. Coincidentally, your sister Yuqing has nothing to do at home as well, why not let her follow you around. She can help you with what you need and she can learn some things as well.”

Ling Tao’s voice seemed to assume that this was what was expected of her to do, he wasn’t negotiating or arranging it with Ling Tianya, but instead ordering her to complete the task.

Ling Yuqing’s face was all sunshine and rainbows, “Sis, I will work hard!”

Zhang Ke immediately whipped to look at Ling Tianya at that. Ling Yuqing was clearly trying to steal her position from her, she had worked so hard in order to become her teacher’s assistant!

Ling Tianya shrugged, “I already have an assistant, besides, I’m not that busy to the point that I need two assistants. I’m used to doing things myself, I wouldn’t be able to teach Yuqing much.

“I knew it was definitely not going to be a simple dinner! Ling Yuqing actually wants to work with me! Looks like it’s true what they say, ‘if anything’s abnormal, there’s definitely a devil behind it’!” Ling Tianya thought.

“She’s just an assistant, just fire her. Yuqing’s your sister, we’re family!” Ling Tao seemed to not care about Zhang Ke’s presence, saying such words directly in front of her.

Zhang Ke’s face froze, her eyes widened as she looked at Ling Tianya, “Miss Ling…”

Ling Tianya didn’t speak, coldly looking at Ling Tao, Qu Wan, and Ling Yuqing.

“Sis, I really want to learn from you, and to share your burdens. Didn’t you say earlier that we don’t spend enough quality time with each other? Let me be by your side, and we can improve our relationship as sisters too, right?” Ling Yuqing’s words seemed sincere enough, and Ling Tao nodded his head in agreement. Back when Qu Wan had first brought up the idea of having Yuqing go work for Ling Tianya, that was exactly what he felt too. Ling Tianya had a lot of misunderstandings towards the family, towards Qu Wan and Ling Yuqing especially. Letting the sisters work together would certainly help the family be more harmonious.

Ling Tianya smirked, “Ling Yuqing’s being smarter now, she has learned to render me unable to retort by using my own words.”

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