Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 90 - Can You Be Held Responsible?

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Chapter 90: Can You Be Held Responsible?

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After the dinner, Ling Tao left early due to a meeting that he had. Not too long later, Ling Yuqing came to Qu Wan’s room, just as she was trying out her new bespoke gown, prepared for a big event a few days later.

Seeing Ling Yuqing barge in without even knocking, Qu Wan was ready to give her an earful, but halted it at the look of Ling Yuqing’s gloomy face, “What’s with you?”

“Mom, I don’t want to go work with Ling Tianya…”

Qu Wan frowned, “Why? Didn’t we agree on it already?”

Ling Yuqing’s face crumpled, as though she had eaten something extremely bitter, “Mom, just think about it. For years, our relationship with Ling Tianya had long crumbled, how can it be that she’d decide to work with me nicely? She changed so suddenly. Why is she willing to let me work by her side? There’s definitely something up!”

Ling Yuqing’s words made Qu Wan put down the gown in her hands, and she patted the bed, telling Ling Yuqing to sit. “Don’t worry, Ling Tianya is merely different from the past. She wouldn’t dare to outrightly do anything to you in public. Just keep doing what you have been doing. With Guan Meiyi there, if Ling Tianya does anything to put you in a bad spot, she will only be the one that suffers in the end!”

“But…” That’s how it was supposed to go, but Ling Yuqing was still worried about it.

“No more buts, even though I did not expect Ling Tianya to agree so readily, I let her form a good impression with your dad. This is something that your dad has agreed on. If you don’t go, what will your dad think? Don’t forget, the Yuan Teng Corporation’s anniversary dinner is just a few days later, you have to be on your dad’s good side so that he will bring the both of us to the dinner. Think about it, at the Yuan Teng Corp.’s dinner; there will definitely be many esteemed people, as long as you get to know one of them, we won’t have to live precariously under the Ling family!”

Considering that, Ling Yuqing could only nod with a pout.

Ling Yuqing was used to lazing around at home for the past few years and didn’t wake up until the sun was high in the sky. When she reached the filming set, the whole team had already been filming for several hours.

Ling Yuqing had taken special care of her appearance that day. Even though in name she was there to be Ling Tianya’s assistant, she refused to lose to Ling Tianya when it came to her looks!

Ling Yuqing specifically wore a luxury brand’s newest autumn set release, a pair of three-inch heels on her feet, her hair gorgeously curled, and her face delicately touched up with makeup.

Qu Wan had arranged a chauffeur to drive Ling Yuqing at the filming set, and Ling Yuqing certainly turned many heads along the way. She fully enjoyed the sensation of being in the spotlight.

“What are you doing?” Just as Ling Yuqing was basking in the glow of her beauty, a rough voice jostled her out of it.

Ling Yuqing furrowed her brows, looking at the skinny, dark-skinned man in the security guard’s clothes, huffing, “What do you think? Of course, I’m going in!”

The guard surveyed Ling Yuqing, “Do you have a pass?”

Being surveyed by a man that was not in any way striking certainly didn’t sit well with Ling Yuqing. She glared at him. “What pass? Why do I need a pass? Do you know who I am?”

Ling Yuqing immediately turned to walk into the set at that, and the guard did not hesitate to put out his hand to block her path. “I don’t care who you are, you can’t enter without a pass!”

Seeing the guard’s hand dart out to stop her, Ling Yuqing immediately stumbled back in a hurry, worried that the guard’s hands would dirty her clothing. “Gosh, you’re so dirty! Don’t touch me! My clothes are expensive, can you be responsible for paying if you cause any damage?

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