Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 92 - Laughed At Like An Abnormality

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Chapter 92: Laughed At Like An Abnormality

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Seeing that Guan Meiyi’s coming towards her, Ling Yuqing quickly sniffled. Her hands seemingly accidentally brushing against the corner of her eye as they flooded red. Even her voice was nasally. “Meiyi…”

Guan Meiyi’s attention made everyone in the vicinity turn to pay attention to Ling Yuqing too.

Guan Meiyi could see that Ling Yuqing was not in the best state. “What happened to you?”

Ling Yuqing replied, “Meiyi, I’m fine, it’s just…”

“Yo, Yuqing, you’re here!” Not waiting for Ling Yuqing to finish, Ling Tianya walked over, clad in extremely simple and casual clothing. Ling Tianya carried a smile on her face, which similarly fell into a look of shock after walking to Ling Yuqing, “Yuqing, what happened? It’s only been a while, who bullied you? Zhang Ke, was it you?”

Zhang Ke frantically shook her head, “No, no I didn’t, Miss Ling!”

With Zhang Ke’s answer, Ling Tianya nodded her head. She then asked Ling Yuqing, “Then what’s with you? Oh? Could it be that you’re angry about the guard stopping you at the door?” Ling Tianya gently patted Ling Yuqing’s shoulder then. “You didn’t have the pass, so it’s normal that the guard wouldn’t let you in. It’s a huge production crew, and the security has to do their job. They have responsibilities to fulfil. You suddenly said that you would come to be my assistant, I thought you would be here first thing in the morning, so I actually informed the guards during the morning shift, but I didn’t expect you to come this late. The guards probably changed shifts by now, that’s why they didn’t let you in. See, didn’t I send Zhang Ke to pick you up immediately after I got your call?”

Ling Tianya’s statements had no loopholes at all and had shut Ling Yuqing up effectively. Not only did she not let her paint stories about the lack of a pass, but had also implied that she was being a diva with how late she was.

Ling Yuqing bit her lip, her expressions twitching out of shape. She was absolutely hoppingly furious, but she couldn’t, for the safety of her entire life, let it show on her face. If she showed a pitiful face, then people would just think that she was being a drama queen. Ling Yuqing’s lips twitched, before curling into an awkward, ingenuine smile. “It’s nothing, Sis, you thought too much of it. It was just a few grains of sand that got into my eye and it’s uncomfortable.”

“Oh, so that’s it!” A ghost of a smile appeared on Ling Tianya’s face as she looked at Ling Yuqing. She continued heavily, “Yuqing, since you mentioned yesterday that you genuinely want to learn from me here, then act like it. First, I hope that you won’t be late again. Even an A-liner star like Meiyi is here early to wait for filming to start.”

Ling Tianya was really lecturing her like an elder sister, seemingly teaching her on the surface, but actually giving Ling Yuqing a harsh slap on the face. Ling Yuqing absolutely despised it, but couldn’t show it, especially when she had used Guan Meiyi as an example. If she showed any signs of unhappiness, Guan Meiyi would definitely be displeased as well.

With Ling Tianya’s words, Guan Meiyi nodded unsurprisingly, “Yuqing, it’s good that you’re coming out to do something, but punctuality is important.”

“Okay…” Ling Yuqing replied in between gritted teeth.

“Also…” Ling Tianya looked at Ling Yuqing’s autumn style outfit. “It’s better to just wear comfortable things to the set next time…”

Ling Yuqing chuckled internally, was Ling Tianya getting jealous? It looked like she had made the right decision to dress up. At least she was overpowering her in terms of style.

That idea was quickly shattered after Ling Yuqing took a look at her surroundings, and realized that she was way too childish. She was the only one wearing something that lavish in the entire crew. Even Guan Meiyi’s wearing something light.

Right then, Ling Yuqing finally understood why so many people had turned to stare at her. It wasn’t because of her beauty, but because they were treating her like an abnormality. They saw her as a joke!

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