Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 668 - Good Intentions, Bad Deeds

Chapter 668: Good Intentions, Bad Deeds

“Get in here, Lei Qingyi,” he thundered. Was this the right time to be wishy-washy?

Lei Qingyi quickly ran inside, his expression as shocked as the others. Wasn’t that Yan Huan?

“What happened to her?”

“Go ask your son,” replied He Yibin coldly. “Everyone should know how naughty and hyperactive a child can get, so why didn’t you keep him in check? He broke the photo-frame and nearly fell onto the bits of broken glass. Had Yan Huan not saved him, he would have turned into a porcupine by now. You wouldn’t even be able to cry if that happened.”

“Do Lu Yi and his wife owe you and the Lei Family?” said He Yibin, rather unkindly. But you can’t fault him for being angry and shocked; Yan Huan had been getting better, but now she was in this state all over again. Lu Yi had just passed away recently. Must Yan Huan be next?

The Lu Family had been torn apart, and Yan Huan was all they had left. Can’t they be left to a peaceful life? Why must people still bring trouble to them? Hadn’t they suffered enough?

Lei Qingyi flushed under He Yibin’s lambasting, but dared not talk back.

He Yibin tried his best to calm down, before squatting down and carefully lifting Yan Huan’s head up. What he feared the most was to find glass shards in her head or organ, since those would only spell trouble. If that happened, even he would be at a loss of what to do.

He checked her carefully, his fingers cautiously scouring through Yan Huan’s scalp. It gave him a sense of relief as he went on with the task. When he was done with the examination, he heaved a sigh of relief. Thankfully, the scalp had not been damaged.

Next was the other parts of her body. He ordered Lei Qingyi to lift Yan Huan up, and the nanny to clean up the glass shards on the floor. When the nanny swept the photograph away along with the shards, Yan Huan tried to reach out and salvage it, but all she grasped was boundless darkness.

Her back was wounded. He Yibin carefully plucked out the glass shards with a pincer, four pieces in total; at her shoulder, back, waist, and arm. Luckily, the shards were small and the wounds were shallow. Her organ was not at risk. The wounds were merely physical.

Yan Huan wasn’t under anesthesia when He Yibin removed the glass shards. She did not scream, but her muscles tensed up at every touch. She was all bones, like a skeleton. The wounds might have been less severe if she was a little plumper. But she wasn’t, so she had to bear with the pain. She would have to sleep on her stomach for a long time to come.

She wasn’t born to live. She was born to suffer.

Yi Ling rushed over as soon as they came out from the room.

“How is she?”

He Yibin didn’t even want to speak to her. He had nothing to say to such a stupid woman. Yan Huan had to suffer because she couldn’t keep an eye on her own son, giving him a chance to disturb a patient. Yan Huan couldn’t even take care of herself at the moment, yet she protected a senseless child. She was truly a superwoman.

Yi Ling saw the dislike and blame in He Yibin’s eyes. She hung her head in shame.

“Pass me the child,”He Yibin extended his arms. Even if he disliked Yi Ling, he couldn’t make himself dislike the child.

Yi Ling held her son tighter, reluctant to hand him over.

“If you don’t pass me the child, how can I check if he’s injured somewhere?”

Resisting the temptation to shout at her, He Yibin took Little Lei from her arms. Little Lei was asleep, his nose bright red from crying. It made He Yibin’s heart ache a little. The poor child had to go through this because of his stupid mother.

He did a thorough examination of the child. Thankfully, he wasn’t injured anywhere.

“He’s fine. Just shocked. Don’t bring him over again,” said He Yibin as he dressed Little Lei up. Yi Ling reached out to take her son back, but He Yibin avoided her and passed the child to Lei Qingyi instead. He didn’t want to hand him over to his dumb mother.

Yi Ling retracted her hand awkwardly.

“Don’t take it to heart. That’s just how he is,” consoled Lei Qingyi as he carried his son in one arm.

Yes, that was just how he was. He pitied the weak, and Yan Huan belonged to that category at the moment. Yi Ling, on the other hand, was an utter fool. Who would go to the river under such heavy rain, when water levels were on the rise? She even had the audacity to drag someone along to the danger zone when others were actively steering clear of the area.

And what good came out of it? Lu Yi lost his life. Yan Huan became a cripple. A family was destroyed. And what did she do next? She brought her son over, as if she had not hurt Yan Huan enough. What was she trying to do? Remind Yan Huan that she had no son?

“She only did it out of goodwill,” explained Yan Huan.

“Doing bad things out of goodwill is equally unforgivable,” said He Yibin meanly.

“Enough of this, He Yibin,” complained Lei Qingyi, irritated. “Do you have to give us this kind of attitude every day? No one wanted this to happen. It was an accident. An accident, that’s all it was.”

“Yes, an accident. But are you the one suffering the consequence?” He Yibin turned and walked off to check on the patient. They were still the happy family they were, but the Lu Family had already been broken to pieces. As if that wasn’t enough, she had to bring her son over. Yes, out of goodwill it was, but what did she hope to achieve? To show off? To hit them where it hurt the most?

They may not have noticed, but He Yibin was a doctor. He had noticed the pain and sadness in the Lu couple’s eyes when they looked at Little Lei.

After the old couple lost their only son, Yan Huan in her sorry state was all they had. The Lu Family did not need sympathy. What they needed was peace. That’s how he saw it. Some wounds cannot be cured by medication, and can only heal with time.

Give them time. And during that time, give them peace.