Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 835 - Cousin Sister

Chapter 835: Cousin Sister

Suddenly, she was reminded that they were going to the Lu family’s place for dinner. Is Sun Yuhan going to join the dinner too?

She wanted to raise her question, but she eventually contained her curiosity. After all, her query would make no difference to the end result. Sun Yuhan would be there regardless if she had the intention to attend the gathering. If Sun Yuhan did not wish to join the dinner, she would get out of the car before they arrived at the residence.

However, Sun Yuhan appeared to have absolutely no intention to get off the car. She stayed stubbornly in her seat until the car stopped right outside the Lu family’s residence.

Lu Yi got out of the car and opened the car door for Yan Huan.

He attempted to comfort Yan Huan by holding her hand.

Yan Huan appreciated Lu Yi’s gesture. Fine. I’ll bear with her. However, Yan Huan had no idea how long the situation was going to last. She reckoned that the woman would definitely cause some changes in her life if the woman decided to stay with the Ye family forever. In fact, the woman had already affected Yan Huan’s life since two years ago.

Sun Yuhan got out of the car too. Seeing that Lu Yi and Yan Huan were showing their affection publicly, Sun Yuhan felt rather offended. She gave a snort of mockery. Undoubtedly, she gave Lu Yi up on her own will. However, she was not pleased to see him showing up as a couple with another woman.

“Cousin brother, I’m hungry.” She approached Lu Yi and grabbed his arm like how she used to do.

Lu Yi swiftly removed his arm from her grasp as he stared into her eyes emotionlessly.

The muscles on Sun Yuhan’s face twitched slightly. Feeling embarrassed, her cheeks began to burn as they turned red.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yi held Yan Huan’s hand as they entered the house alongside each other.

Sun Yuhan put on a sullen expression while the grin on her face became frigid and perturbing. She entered the house in her clicking heels. The change in her status had naturally changed her attitude too.

She used to be extremely cautious when she lived in this house back then, fearing that the Lu family would kick her out. However, things had changed. Now, even Ye Shuyun did not have the audacity to speak disrespectfully to her.

She knew that Ye Shuyun was adopted and did not share the blood of the Ye family. Logically, Ye Shuyun was inferior to her as she was the biological granddaughter of the family.

As anticipated, Ye Shuyun was perplexed when she saw Sun Yuhan. However, Ye Jianguo had ordered his granddaughter to stay with the Lu family temporarily because Sun Yuhan used to live here, and was relatively familiar with the environment at the Lu family’s residence.

For Ye Shuyun, Sun Yuhan was nothing like an obedient and gentle granddaughter. Instead, Ye Shuyun deemed Sun Yuhan as an egocentric master who was hard to please.

“Big Aunt.” Sun Yuhan walked toward Ye Shuyun before she continued, “Grandpa told me to stay with you for a few days. Am I welcome?”

Ye Shuyun forced a smile on her face.

“Big Aunt is more than happy to have you with us. You can stay here as long as you want.”

“Thanks, Big Aunt.” Sun Yuhan clutched Ye Shuyun’s arm, pretending to be friendly. Initially, Ye Shuyun wanted to push Sun Yuhan away. However, she quickly recalled the time she spent with Ye Rong. She remembered vividly how Ye Rong used to care for her. Then, her heart softened as she began to act more amicable to Sun Yuhan.

After all, she is my niece. Back then, she was orphaned and later adopted by the Ye family. When she first met Ye Rong, Ye Rong was still lying in Ye Jianguo’s arms. Despite being a two-year-old toddler, the obedient girl looked very beautiful.

“Hello, sister.” Ye Rong grabbed her hand and placed all her favorite snacks and toys in Ye Shuyun’s hands. At that instant, Ye Shuyun knew that she would not be mistreated by the Ye family.

Indeed, she had never been bullied by anyone of the Ye family. For instance, when Ye Chuji, who was of the same age, irritated her to tears, he was punished by the adults. Even the young Ye Rong lectured Ye Chuji with her arms akimbo.

Despite her awkward status in the Ye family, all the family members loved and cared for her dearly. They all treated her as part of the family.

Ye Shuyun felt sorry toward Sun Yuhan, who happened to be Ye Rong’s daughter. The more she recalled about Ye Rong’s kindness, the more she wanted to compensate Ye Rong’s daughter.

Ye Shuyun reached out to gently stroked Sun Yuhan’s hair, “I never expected you to be Rongrong’s daughter. Big Aunt didn’t know…” Ye Shuyun began to sob before she could finish her words.

“Big Aunt, let’s forget about what happened in the past. Now, I’m only grateful to have found my family.”

Sun Yuhan giggled like an innocent child. She was more than willing to accept the apology and goodwill from Ye Shuyun.

Yan Huan watched the scene emotionlessly. She wore a half-hearted smile as she judged Sun Yuhan’s bad acting. Yan Huan had personally witnessed Sun Yuhan’s most embarrassing state and she saved the proof in her mobile phone.

Taking the Ye family’s reputation into consideration, she was deliberating to delete the photos. If the photos were leaked, Lu Yi’s name would be ruined as well. The Ye family was unfortunate to have a member like Sun Yuhan.

The housekeeper prepared the dishes and placed them on the table. Because of Ye Rong, Ye Shuyun had changed her attitude toward Sun Yuhan. After she revisited the entire incident, she changed her stance, thinking that the child was rather innocent. The incident only happened because of multiple inevitable factors and coincidences.

“Didn’t she leave this place because of her feelings toward Lu Qin? Why did she say that she was chased out?” Yan Huan asked Lu Yi on their way home. Lu Yi was now blamed for Sun Yuhan’s departure from Lu family’s residence and his actions were misconstrued as not staying faithful to Sun Yuhan. However, Yan Huan and Lu Yi both understood what actually happened.

In reality, Sun Yuhan, being her avaricious self, gave up on Lu Yi and changed her target to Lu Qin, who was awarded as the best actor. However, her change of mind was considerably beneficial for Lu Yi. If she chose to stick with Lu Yi, together with her current status in the Ye family, Lu Yi would be trapped with her.

Lu Yi pulled over before he turned and patted Yan Huan’s head. “Actually, there are some facts that all of us, including uncle, know very well. However, for the others, the return of the Ye family’s granddaughter is a joyful thing. Her homecoming symbolises Youngest Aunt’s reunion to the family and it is regardlessly something worth celebrating for. Other than Sun Yuhan, no one else can bring such bliss to the family. If we continue to hold on these minor grudges against her, it will not make any significant change to our lives. But, this will certainly upset grandpa,” Lu Yi explained.

“In my opinion, your grandpa will not be upset about it as he will never trust our words.” After all these years, Yan Huan had learned about Old Master Lu’s ways of reasoning. When he was certain about something, no one could ever convince him into thinking otherwise. For instance, he never liked Yan Huan during her past life, although she tried her best to please him. After she was reborn, she tried to understand Old Master Lu, only to find out that Old Master Lu was never a mean person. However, some ideas had been instilled into him, and it was not an easy thing to reform his mindset.