Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 933 - Nowhere To Be Found

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Chapter 933: Nowhere To Be Found

The three children in the Lu family were well-known in their industry for it was rare to have someone be able to give birth to triplets, not to mention triplets with exquisite facial features.

Old Master Lu had nothing much to do even if he stayed because Xunxun did not need his company at night. Whenever he thought of this, it made him upset. However, he had no other option as his great-granddaughter was still a young baby who fed on milk.

Ye Shuyun finally heaved a sigh of relief after he made a move.

She covered Xunxun with a small blanket, then caressed her granddaughter’s tiny face as she asked, “Did they throw a tantrum today?”

“Nope.” Lu Jin lifted his chin, appearing to be satisfied with the performance of these three children. “All three of them were so obedient, especially Xunxun. She did not even cry once. She has definitely lived up to the name of the Lu family.”

Upon further deliberation, all his comrades who used to sympathize with him revealed a sense of admiration and jealousy on their faces. It was such a great way to vent out one’s anger but more importantly, these three children were the future generations of the Lu family.

These three children would eventually become the hope and, of course, the future of the Lu family.

“Oh well, where are Lu Yi and Huanhuan? Aren’t they around?”

Lu Jin just came to a realization that he had not seen both his son and daughter-in-law since he came back. “Are they not coming back tonight? Awesome! Then, I can have our granddaughter to myself.”

“Dream on.” Ye Shuyun rolled her eyes at him. “Xunxun will only want her mother at night, not grandpa. You should be able to cuddle Xiao Guang and Xiao Qi, but once they have fallen asleep, you will need to leave them alone.”

Ye Shuyun was warning Lu Jin, “What if you press your body on my grandchildren when you move your body in the middle of the night?”

“How is it possible?” Lu Jin turned around, shooting a glance at Ye Shuyun. “Do I look like someone as such?”

“No?” Ye Shuyun seemingly gritted her teeth. “Who almost pressed Little Bean to death by accident the other day?”

Lu Jin placed his hand by the tip of his mouth as he let out a few faint coughs. This was rather awkward because there was once that he almost killed Little Bean unknowingly. However, he did not do it on purpose. He returned home, exhausted after a long ride so he was unwary of it. He swore, he assured for real that he would never press himself on his grandchildren.

Regardless of how he tried to explain himself or give his word, Ye Shuyun would still reject to keep her grandchildren by the side of this risky figure.

“Mommy…” Xunxun woke up from her sleep, pouting. She was looking for her mother, wanting to let her mother cuddle her and feed her milk.

Ye Shuyun quickly carried Little Xunxun in her arms. Little Xunxun’s cheeks were blushing as she awakened from the sleep, looking extremely adorable. However, this little girl pursed her lips at the moment as she searched for her mother.

“Why is she not back yet?” As Ye Shuyun comforted her granddaughter, she asked Lu Jin to bring the other two children to another room. If not, the other two would cry along with their younger sister if they saw her crying.

“I know right.” The nanny checked the time. Lady Yan cared for her three children the most. It was almost 8 p.m. but she was still not back yet. Moreover, Lady Yan mentioned that she would return by 7 o’clock earlier today. This was because Little Xunxun would usually sleep at around 7 o’clock at night. Xunxun was very obedient in the daytime but once it was approaching nighttime, she would throw a tantrum, wanting to look for her mother. This child usually lacked a sense of security so she would only feel secure when her mother was by her side.

If she could not find her mother, she would cry her heart out.

Ye Shuyun hastily ordered the nanny to hand over the milk bottle. She then made a bottle of milk for Xunxun.

Xunxun hugged the milk bottle with discontentment. She was probably hungry. Her eyelashes were drenched with tears as she shed huge teardrops while drinking her milk.

Ye Shuyun swiftly called for the nanny to make a phone call to Yan Huan to ask about her whereabouts. She wanted to know if something came up unexpectedly or she was already on her way back

The nanny grabbed the cell phone and called Yan Huan immediately. However, after several attempts, it was proven futile because the call could not get through.

She tried a few more times but it was the same result.

“Lady Yan turned off her phone.”

“What? Turned off?”

Ye Shuyun carried Xunxun while strolling around. How come the phone is switched off? It seems like something is amiss – don’t tell me she is in trouble. She felt uneasy in her heart, just like today. She had an inexplicable sense of anxiety all this while, perhaps something had really happened to Yan Huan.

She passed Xunxun to the nanny. Unconvinced, she took over the phone and made a phone call to Yan Huan herself. However, it was the same result as mentioned by the nanny. Regardless of how many times she dialed, the call could not get through as the phone was shut down.

She held the phone in her hand tightly, her fingers trembled a little. Her head was covered with beads of cold sweat.

Even after she placed another call and it got through, her palm which was holding the phone was filled with cold sweat.

“Alright, I’ll be right back.” Lu Yi rose to his feet, putting on his coat instantly. He could not be bothered to close his notebook. He fetched out his phone while he was walking. The first phone number he saw once he unlocked his phone was obviously Yan Huan’s phone number as it was the most frequent phone number he dialed on a regular basis.

However, not long after that, the sound that spread to his ear was not the successful phone connection or Yan Huan’s voice but it was merely a robotic-like and cold voice.

“Hello, the person you called is unavailable.”

He then called Luo Lin. Yan Huan went to Linlang so he was uncertain if something bad had happened to her or she was still in Linlang.

“Yan Huan?” Luo Lin felt slightly puzzled. “She didn’t turn up today. She has obviously broken her promise. She said she would come today but I waited for her the whole day, yet she did not show her face at all.”

Before she could finish her words, Lu Yi hung up the phone. The only sound she could hear was the beeping sound of phone disconnection. She felt a bit frustrated, causing her to have a slight headache.

“What are you up to, Yan Huan?”

Luo Lin had a strong urge to break her phone. You have the nerve to let so many people wait for you. Luckily, I don’t have a baby. If not, I will definitely starve my baby to death if I were to return so late.

Once she finished packing her stuff, she planned to go home. I have just wasted the whole day waiting for the best actress, Yan Huan. Let’s see how I am going to teach you a lesson tomorrow.

She walked to the basement parking and tossed her bag into the car. Then, she started the car engine, preparing to drive home. However, as she drove for a certain distance, her car suddenly came to a halt along with a screeching sound.

She opened her car door and rushed out immediately.

A black sports car which was parked not far away came into sight. This car was not special as it had a simple car model but the car plate number was exceptional.

The car belonged to Yan Huan.

She ran to the front of the car and knocked on the car window.

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