Sweet Wife in My Arms - Chapter 938 - Keep On Searching

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Chapter 938: Keep On Searching

Xunxun opened her eyes and stared at her father without blinking. She twitched her little nose, sniffling and reached out her little hands, signaling her father to hug her.

Lu Yi did not hug her daughter because He Yibin still had to do a check-up on her.

“It’s burning.” He Yibin took out a thermometer to take Xunxun’s body temperature. “It’s not looking good. Her body temperature is almost reaching 40-degree celsius.”

After awhile, that little child was put on a drip. At this moment, she was finally embraced by her father, but she was feeble. She sniffled and it seemed like the heat of her breath almost suffocated her. Her little mouth was dry just like a little newly born flower bud which withered even before it was able to bloom.

However, perhaps Xunxun was feeling slightly better after the injection but she did not talk or throw a tantrum. Instead, she rested quietly on her father’s arms. Her tiny figure made her look extremely pitiful.

He Yibin walked over and passed Lu Yi a milk bottle.

“How is it going? Have you received any news yet?”

He bent over and touched Xunxun’s little forehead, it was still slightly hot but it was so much better than her previous condition. Such a pitiful child. She has lost so much weight.

“No.” Lu Yi took the milk bottle carefully and fed his daughter with it.

Little Xunxun drank sip by sip, and after a while, she shook her head. She refused to drink it anymore, hence Lu Yi had no choice but to feed her at intervals until she finished half a bottle of the milk. By the time Lu Yi managed to let her finish half the bottle of the milk, little Xunxun had fallen asleep in her father’s arms.

Xunxun’s medical report was released after a while, indicating that it might be pneumonia.

He Yibin sighed, “Most likely, this kid may need to be hospitalized. I’m afraid in the end, we will need to separate her from the other two kids to avoid mutual infection.”

There were three children in the Lu family. If all of them were ill, it would be a hassle to take care of them.

“Understood.” Lu Yi put down the milk bottle, took a blanket and placed it carefully on his daughter’s little body. Xunxun’s pointed chin looked just like her mother and seeing this made Lu Yi feel even more upset.

This was because he did not know if Yan Huan was dead or alive up until today so he was helpless.

He Yibin made the right assumption; Xunxun was really infected by pneumonia. It was related to climate change and being tearful. She was already weaker than a premature baby and now her health had worsened.

She was already unable to see her mother, not to mention her two elder brothers too at this moment in time.

When Xunxun was being hospitalized, she did not behave like other kids—whining and crying. She did not cry but being listless all day long, she refused to drink her milk, being insecure and wanted someone to stay with her all the time. Other than that, when she was awake, she would look around the room with her huge eyes as if she was searching for something. However, after a while, she would sniffle and keep quiet. Lu Yi knew that Xunxun was looking for her mother but she was unable to find her.

Xunxun was staying in a children’s ward so the decoration of the ward was different than the other wards in the hospital. It was adorned with a light green wall, pink curtains and a little bed loaded with Xunxun’s toys. The whole ward was filled with varieties of joyous childhood, unlike other wards. After all, the pressure feeling was not gifted by someone but emanated by oneself.

“How’s her condition now?” Lei Qingyi strode in, accompanied by a tinge of wind frost. It seemed like the cold breeze when he first walked in could still be felt.

Was it freezing outside or was he too indifferent?

“She’s fine, just not chatty.” Lu Yi stroked his daughter’s little face gently. Meanwhile, Xunxun had just finished drinking her milk and fell asleep. She was no longer on her drip but one could hear her rattling respiratory sounds. This little girl furrowed her fair little eyebrows; her tender and tiny lips were slightly dry at the moment.

“She has become skinnier.” Lei Qingyi rubbed his palms and put it on Xunxun’s forehead with care. He heaved a sigh of relief upon finding out that her body temperature went back to normal.

Glad that she’s fine.

Lu Yi covered his daughter with a blanket before rising to his feet. He then walked toward the window and drew the curtains. The scenery outside had become desolated, it lost its vibrant colors and started to turn into natural colors.

Natural colors of black, white and grey as well as coldness.

“Lu Yi, it has already been half a month now.” Lei Qingyi paused and swallowed his words because he knew it would be too ruthless for him. Previously, it was Lu Yi’s death and now Yan Huan was nowhere to be found. Why were there so many obstacles between this couple?

At last, they managed to overcome an obstacle and got back together as well as be able to witness the growth of little Xunxun day by day. However, now, Yan Huan was involved in a mishap.

A living person went missing all of a sudden and due to her identity, they were not allowed to make it public. Otherwise, it would harm Yan Huan and the three other children.

“I will keep on searching. Regardless of the consequences, I promise I will keep on searching for her.” He pulled the curtains, covering up the scenery outside. Lively versus despondency – it seemed like the man had cried his heart out at this moment.

He walked over, sat down and held his daughter’s tiny hand cautiously. The little child with tiny hands looked similar to chicken feet, appearing extremely pitiful.

“She’s still so young but she has never forgotten about her mother. The first thing she does once she opens her eyes every day is to look for her mother. How about us? We’re older than her and of course, more sensible than her.”

He let out a soft sigh, holding back the excruciating pain that gathered in his glabella.

“I will keep on searching, even if I turn old or die. We still have three of them. I will not give up on her. I believe our three children won’t give up as well. She is not some random person, but my wife, their mother and most importantly, the mother who granted them lives.

“I get it.” Lei Qing Yi sighed and inserted his hands into the pocket to warm himself up. It is freezing outside. Not sure how the woman is doing right now.

He tried to look for her again. However, based on his experience as a chief in the prosecutor’s office for so many years, he had seen ample cases like this. Those who had gone missing for such a long period would usually end up being…even after the person was found.

Nevertheless, he dared not express his thoughts about the estimated outcome. All in all, words that were not uttered did not mean that it would not occur or they would not understand it themselves.

A female janitor just finished changing to her working attire. As she was preparing to start her work, several individuals out of nowhere seized her arms instantly.

“What are you all trying to do?” She shrieked in shock, struggling hard to release herself. I am a legal citizen who has never done anything wrong. Why do they want to arrest me?

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