The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 12 - How about I be Your Son-in-Law?

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Chapter 12: How about I be Your Son-in-Law?

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"Easy! Qiao Qing only brought me home last night, yet as of this morning, someone had already heard of this news and used it to their advantage. It means there's a traitor inside the house."

"This whole thing isn't Qiao Qing's fault, yet this person is asking her to go and apologize. If she does, it would confirm that she has hidden a man."

"This person then asked Qiao Qing to try and salvage the engagement. If the news of that gets around, then she would be slapped with the label of a maniac who clings onto her fiancé."

"Auntie, this person is seemingly on Qiao Qing's side, but she's setting up a trap and pushing Qiao Qing to do something that would ruin her own reputation."

Qiao Qing looked up towards to where the sound was coming from and met Jun Yexuan's crystal clear eyes.

The man before her had a physique that far surpassed a model's. He lazily leaned against the wall, and his slightly bent long legs were wrapped inside his high-quality black pants.

The matching dress shirt that was tucked in had three buttons open, revealing his delicate-looking collar bones that seemingly sparkled under his dress shirt.

There was no need to mention his face that was handsome enough to make an entire nation sin and succumb.

Even though the person across from her was a man, Qiao Qing couldn't help but think of an inappropriate and out of place phrase – this man had a body full of seductive bones.

It was as if his existence had proven that it was possible to blur the line between desire and rationality, to merge the two completely together and express it all so perfectly.

Those standing downstairs were first astounded by Jun Yexuan's temperament and appearance, before all the information in his words soaked in.

Everything finally hit He Wanqing. Then, she turned furious and pointed right at Liu Ping's nose. "I thought I had been treating you well and I never mistreated you with your wage. Why must you hurt Qiao Qing!"

Liu Ping lost it right there, "Ma'am, you have wronged me! That was never my intention! How can it be that all these years I've worked here, my worth means less to you than the words of a stranger?"

Then, she looked over to Jun Yexuan angrily. "I've never done anything bad to you. Why must you target me?!"

"Enough!" He Wanqing's chest was heaving up and down. "I am a little stupid but I am not so stupid that I cannot understand the situation even after someone had pointed it all out to me! Speak, who asked you to do all this!?"

Liu Ping's fists tightened and she continued to try to get out of this, "Ma'am, you have truly wronged me!"

"If you don't want to answer, then stop talking! I can guess who it is anyway." He Wanqing's tone had never been so stern, "Chen Ming, pay what we owe her and send her away! We do not keep anyone who betrays us in this house!"

"Yes, ma'am," Chen Ming replied.

Liu Ping then began to beg, "Ma'am…"

"Auntie Liu, if you keep on doing this, you won't even get this month's salary," Chen Ming reminded with a smile.

Liu Ping was now finally hopeless. After weighing the situation, she didn't say anything more and followed Chen Ming with a dark expression.

Though Liu Ping had been dealt with, He Wanqing was stilled worried.

Thinking back, her daughter did really like playing Go in her study room and she's never brought up the idea of calling off the engagement.

Plus, those two have seen each other so many times, how was it possible that she doesn't recognize him?

Therefore, He Wanqing was completely convinced that "Qiao Qing likes Jiang Yi, but called off the engagement because she was sad."

Thinking about this made her heart ache. She patted Qiao Qing's shoulder, "Baby, don't be sad. There's nothing great about that Jiang Yi little son of a b!tch. Plus, with a pair of parents like that, even if you do marry him, I wouldn't feel good about it. Mommy will find you someone way more handsome, okay?"

Qiao Qing glared at her with a strange look and was far too lazy to explain anything.

Jun Yexuan suddenly chimed in at this moment, "Auntie, Qiao Qing saved my life and because of me, you lost a son-in-law. Therefore, it's not even enough for me to repay her with my own body. As a repayment, how about I be your son-in-law?"

He Wanqing's eyes brightened. "I say, good idea!"

Qiao Qing's forehead wrinkled as she scorned, "Mom!"

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