The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 13 - I Can Wait for Qiao Qing to Grow Up

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Chapter 13: I Can Wait for Qiao Qing to Grow Up

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He Wanqing's demeanor immediately weakened and she added on unconfidently, "Baby, based on what I can see, whether it is his physique or his face, this kid is far better than Jiang Yi. Are you sure you don't want to consider it? As the old saying goes, the best way to get out of an old relationship is to start a new one!"

Here it comes again.

Qiao Qing's brows furrowed. "Mom, I am only 17."

He Wanqing blinked repetitively, not really comprehending. "I know that."

Chen Ming, who has now returned, heard this exchange as he stepped into the door. Then, he laughed.

"Ma'am, what miss is saying is that she is still young, you don't need to worry about her once in a lifetime major event right now."

Qiao Qing was far too cold and didn't speak many words. He Wanqing on the other hand, was missing some wires inside her brain.

Therefore, many times, Chen Ming had to fulfill the role of a translator.

He Wanqing finally understood but her face remained smiling. "So what? I am not old fashioned and I am very forward-thinking! Plus, it is far too rare for a kid so handsome and so forward to want to be my son-in-law!"

"…" Qiao Qing was speechless.

Just how terrified was her mom of not being able to marry her off?

Jun Yexuan watched over Qiao Qing's speechless face and couldn't help but smile in enjoyment.

Seventeen? It's true that she is a little too young.

He lifted his legs and walked down the stairs until he was by Qiao Qing's side. Then, he said to He Wanqing, "Thank you, auntie, for all your compliments. But there's no rush with this. I can wait for Qiao Qing to grow older."

Qiao Qing threw him a cold glare. "Since you got off the bed, get out of my house."

Jun Yexuan covered his chest upon hearing those words and made an agonizing face, "Qiao Qing, it still hurts here and it isn't good for me to be too exhausted. Plus, my wound needs to be rewrapped regularly. Since you saved me and personally tended to my wound, aren't you planning on being responsible for me until the end?"

Chen Ming, who was standing on the side, rolled his eyes. Did this guy major in acting?

Plus, the words "being responsible" were a bit far too affectionate.

Before Qiao Qing could answer, He Wanqing replied, "Exactly! If you hurt your bones or twist a muscle, you need to rest for 100 days. Being shot near the heart is far more severe. What's the big deal that he stays here until he's fully healed? Our house can afford to feed an extra mouth."

Just then, a weak sounding voice arose from outside the door, "Auntie, then can you grant me some food also?"

The sound of this voice made Jun Yexuan raise an eyebrow.

Along with others, he looked to the direction of the door and saw a person with disheveled hair and a dirty face.

This man's entire face was black – like he had rolled around in a coal mine.

The brand-name suit was now ragged and ripped, not at all looking like its original form.

He only wore one shoe and it looked chewed up as there was a hole in it.

Even though he had seen many great violent storms, it took Jun Yexuan a full three seconds to recognize Mu Jinghang.

Next, the face that always held a slightly smug smile broke down. His lips slightly quivered.

He remembered how right before departing, Mu Jinghang had said he will find a way to see him again, Jun Yexuan couldn't help but to grit his teeth. What an idiot.

He Wanqing stared blankly at the idiotic Mu Jinghang and asked the entrance guard standing beside him, "Who's this?"

The entrance guard explained with a smile, "Ma'am, he's a door-to-door beggar. I thought he seemed far too pitiful and remembered how generous you've always been. So I brought him in."

When the word "beggar" was said, Mu Jinghang and Jun Yexuan both felt some internal turmoil.

Mu Jinghang quickly began to fix his tarnished reputation, "Auntie, I am not a beggar. I came to the City of Brisk for business. Who knew that my investment capital would be scammed due to my own carelessness? I am far too ashamed to go back to my parents and I have nowhere else to go now. This is why I am here begging you to keep me here for a while."

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