The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 15 - I’m Looking for Qiao Qing

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Chapter 15: I’m Looking for Qiao Qing

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Qiao Qing lowered her gaze and looked at the small and delicate jewelry box. She reached out hesitantly.

However, the moment she opened it and saw what was inside, she immediately closed it shut with a thud.

Her fingers pushed the jewelry box back towards Qi Feng. "Take it away."

Seeing this, Qi Feng took two seconds to mourn after his Sect Leader.

However, he didn't listen and left the jewelry box where it was. Then, he stepped back once with hands behind his back.

"Ms. Qiao, I am only following the orders of my Sect Leader by bringing this to you. I am not responsible for bringing it back."

Then, as if he was scared Qiao Qing would turn violent, he jumped out of the window and ran away.

After Qi Feng left, Qiao Qing stared blankly at the jewelry box for a long while.

Feeling a bit of a headache, she scrunched her brows, tossed it inside her left drawer, and locked it up.

She'll just return it to him next time.


Mu Jinghang finished showering and breezily walked out of the bathroom. He then checked out the loungewear he was wearing.

"Third brother, honestly, that girls' dad had great taste. His clothes aren't out of fashion even now, and the material used for this isn't much different from what we normally wear."

Jun Yexuan was looking at the file Chi Yang had just sent and didn't even spare a fraction of his attention on Mu Jinghang.

Mu Jinghang walked over and eyed it. As if he didn't feared death, he snatched the file away. "I've read all this. The records are far too nitty-gritty. Why don't I just explain it to you?"

Jun Yexuan stared at him.

Mu Jinghang softly coughed once, pulled up his pants, and sat on the bed.

"Based on our investigation, there's nothing special about Qiao Qing. Only her dad is worth mentioning."

"Her father, Qiao Zibo, is a well-known genius with an IQ of 273. But for some unknown reason, he disappeared a few years back."

"Qiao Qing is far more ordinary in comparison. Other than how she looks, there's nothing that stands out about her. She has never passed a single exam."

"Under normal circumstances for a normal family, this isn't a big deal. However, because her father had such a bright and prominent reputation, her incompetence is made more obvious."

"Especially since she has a far more intelligent and multi-talented cousin, she truly looks like she's good for nothing."

 "So she became the gossip of the town. There's even a rumor that the two famillies took the wrong babies home."

"Plus, we didn't find anything regarding her and Feng Hen. How can such an ordinary high school student be linked to the Sect Leader of the Jin Sect?"

Jun Yexuan sneered sfotly. "You think this girl's a simple character?"

Mu Jinghang blinked a few times. "Is she not?"

Jun Yexuan threw out a grenade-like statement, "She was the one who protected me from people from the Jin Sect."

Mu Jinghang's eyes widened at this news. "For real?"

Jun Yexuan didn't respond and stood up, "Before Qiao Zibo disappeared, an illegal organization, under the cover of being a bio-research facility, had plans to use him to do research."

Mu Jinghang said, 'I know about. Didn't that organization get annihilated by international police?"

Jun Yexuan walked to the door before turning his head back. "Then, did you know that the person who led the international police to the destruction of the organization, was an underaged girl?"

"So you are telling me…" Mu Jinghang was a little astonished, "How's that possible? If she's more capable than her father, why would she hide her true self?"

Jun Yexuan didn't answer and left the room,

He mumbled to himself, "So she is the daughter of Qiao Zibo."

Qiao Qing was reading a medical book in her study when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

She flipped the page and said, "Come in."

Chen Ming walked in. "Miss, your mom is asking you to go downstairs to eat."

Qiao Qing didn't even raise her head. "Alright."

Chen Ming knew all about Qiao Qing's habits. After relaying the message, he left the room.

Just as he was about to shut the door, a pair of lean and boney hands pressed against the door.

Jun Yexuan smiled respectfully at Chen Ming. "I'm looking for Qiao Qing."

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