The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 17 - Am I so Undeserving of Your Fondness?

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Chapter 17: Am I so Undeserving of Your Fondness?

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The board filled with stones fell victim as a result and scattered all over the ground with a crash.

Neither of them could care about this now as they felt the moment of warmth caused by their bodies touching. The current position of their bodies stunned both Jun Yexuan and Qiao Qing.

The first one to snap back to reality was Qiao Qing. She disregarded the person sprawling on top of her and quickly pressed the button in the corner that was out of Jun Yexuan's sight.

Based on the sound he was hearing, Jun Yexuan sensed that the bookshelf behind him had returned to its original position.

He also decided not to turn his head around as Qiao Qing seemed so nervous about it.

The next second, Qiao Qing's cold voice hit him from the side of his ear. "You like peeping into other's privacy that much?"

Jun Yexuan's tone was innocent. "I didn't purposely hit the button."

Qiao Qing inhaled deeply. "Get off of me!"

Jun Yexuan's handsome face felt heated. Without another word, he got up with the help of the couch's armrests. 

But who knew that before he could straighten up, he stepped onto a round stone and after one stumble, collapsed back down.

"..." Qiao Qing was speechless.

Jun Yexuan's chin was on top of Qiao Qing's shoulder and from right beside his ear, he heard the noise of teeth-gritting.

"You are doing this on purpose aren't you? Is your cerebellum underdeveloped?"

Qiao Qing's words made Jun Yexuan feel less awkward.

His two hands once again pressed onto the armrests and he slowly pushed himself up, basically trapping Qiao Qing, who was sitting in the chair.

His overflowing gaze was dyed with smiles, "When you talk back to someone, you are like a kid. You finally seem like a 17-year-old."

Qiao Qing felt like this person came here just to upset her. So, she crossed her arms and leaned into her chair.

Staring right at Jun Yexuan, she got straight to the point, "Third young master Jun, are you having fun right now?"

Jun Yexuan was not at all surprised by the fact that she had exposed his identity.

Instead, he pushed a strand of hair behind his ear and his gaze was a little intrigued and hard to read.

"People from the City of Brisk sure are blind. They couldn't identify diamonds from a bunch of fish eyes, and they misjudged a genius to be incompetent."

Qiao Qing tilted her head and avoided his compliment, "You are thinking too highly of me. But, indeed, I am not as easy to lie to as my mother. What's the intention of you and your friend being here? When are you leaving?"

Jun Yexuan faked an expression like he had been hurt. "Am I this undeserving of your fondness?"

When a beauty played the pity card, the damage it can cause wasn't to be underestimated.

Plus, third young master Jun was such an unprecedented beauty, like the male version of Su Danji*.

Luckily, Qiao Qing was determined and couldn't be seduced.

She closed her eyes and created distance between herself and the lethal visage. "I'm not at all fond of you."

A string of happy chuckles flowed out of Jun Yexuan's throat. Every single ring of laughter was tempting. "I will leave after I am fully healed."

Qiao Qing sighed in relief.

But then, Jun Yexuan immediately added, "During this time though, I will need to trouble you and ask you to apply medicine on my wound for me."

A straight-forward woman like Qiao Qing didn't think much of this and softly nodded.

Jun Yexuan exclaimed over the length of her lashes and asked next, "So, should we go to my room or yours?"

Qiao Qing opened her eyes wider and saw that the chest area of his black shirt was a slightly different shade compared to the rest of his shirt. It had been soaked in blood.

Remembering how he nearly fell twice, she realized what happened.

She couldn't help but be annoyed, "You are so troublesome!"

Jun Yexuan had nothing to say to that.

Qiao Qing then said, "Get up!"

Only then did Jun Yexuan let her out of the chair and gave her some space.

But before his hands moved away from the armrests, they heard the mixed sound of a woman and a man.

"My god!"

"Holy mother!"

The two of them turned their heads at the sound and saw He Wanqing and Mu Jinghang standing by the door. They shared the identical expression of being wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

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