The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 19 - Flirtatious Quarrels

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Chapter 19: Flirtatious Quarrels

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Jun Yexuan was carefully chewing and enjoying his meal when he saw He Wanqing stare at him blankly.

He couldn't help but to stop and ask, "What is it, auntie?"

He Wangqing was a little embarrassed as she glanced at the table. "Are you okay with eating these dishes?"

Jun Yexuan was a little started and didn't understand what she meant. So he said, "Everything's good."

Then, He Wanqing asked him, "I haven't had a chance to ask, where are you from?"

His hand that was holding onto the chopsticks shook. He deliberated a little before saying, "The capital city."

Mu Jinghang watched Jun Yexuan's flustered ways and was smiling so hard, he was getting wrinkles.

Jun Yexuan wasn't sure what was going on, but he knew.

It would be more unusual if the habits and body language of a wealthy young master didn't scare anyone.

As expected, the next second, He Wanqing softly muttered, "No wonder."

He Wanqing seemed to have a lot on her mind. Seeing how her own daughter was concentrating on eating, she kicked her leg below the table.

"You're a lady. When you're eating, don't be so wild. Be graceful, be decent, be feminine. Understand?"

Qiao Qing gave her a look and was completely speechless. "Mom, are you ever going to stop with this?"

Jun Yexuan suddenly realized something and his expression froze. Then, he patted Qiao Qing's head, "The way Qingqing acts is cute."

Qiao Qing slapped off his hand. "Keep your hands to yourself. Plus, don't call me Qingqing. We aren't friends."

Jun Yexuan instantly chuckled. The way he looked at Qiao Qing was full of spoiled affection.

He Wanqing viewed these two as having a flirtatious quarrel and sighed in relief.

As long as her Qiao Qing wasn't being looked down on.


At midnight, the same day.

Mu Jinghang had gotten Jun Yexuan's order and once all the lights were off inside the mansion, he quietly walked towards the study room while sticking himself to the wall.

Who knew that the moment he walked to the study room door, he would see a black shadow leaning by the entrance.

Mu Jinghang shouted "AH" from the shock, and jumped back three inches.

The shadow in the dark turned on the light in the hall.

After Mu Jinghang made out the face of the man, he patted his chest to calm himself down, "Butler Chen, are you trying to scare me to death!"

Chen Ming didn't make an excuse for himself nor did he seem apologetic.

He looked at Mu Jinghang and asked curiously, "Mr. Jing, what are you doing here so late at night?"

Mu Jinghang remembered why he was here. Suddenly, he put his hands in his pockets and guiltily stared into the distance.

"I was reminded of all the money I lost and couldn't sleep. So I'm taking a stroll."

Chen Ming pretended to believe his made-up lies and consoled with a smile, "All men lose some and gain some. Mr. Jing, you need to maintain a broad heart and keep your perspective. Life is long."

Mu Jinghang dry laughed a few times with a straight face. "I am not that weak. I'm not going to harm myself."

Chen Ming's tone sounded like he was comforted, "Good."

Mu Jinghang's face almost collapsed from smiling but since Chen Ming showed no sign of leaving, he returned hastily to his own room.

At 3:00 am.

Mu Jinghang hopped out of his bedroom window and based on memory, he found his way to the window that he believed belonged to Qiao Qing's study room.

He was just about to climb up the building when a ray of light from a flashlight shot by him, "Mr. Jing, what are you doing here now?"

"Holy mother!" Mu Jinghang screamed and he backed into the wall.

After confirming that it was Chen Ming again, Mu Jinghang's heart thumped like a dog's.

After all, he was the one doing something wrong here, so it wasn't surprising he would react this way.

Scratching the back of his head, he whistled with a grin, "I came out to take a piss. Ah, yes. To take a piss."

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