The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 2 - Tell Him, this Person Is Now under My Possession

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Chapter 2: Tell Him, this Person Is Now under My Possession

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Peng Yue obviously didn't think anything of Qiao Qing. However, he didn't want anyone to provoke him like this.

He smirked, "Since you like meddling in others' business so much, then don't blame me for being impolite… Ugh…"

Before he could finish, a wind blew and attacked from the front. His neck felt a tight squeeze and was now under the grasp of Qiao Qing's hand.

Qiao Qing was just walking away and within an instant, had reappeared right before him and clamped his lifeline.

The disdain from below Peng Yue's eyes slowly transformed from disbelief to shock.

A young girl who looked so low-key knew ancient martial arts!

Qiao Qing continued to claw onto Peng Yue's neck. When she glanced over, the others who were once acting excited had shriveled up.

Qiao Qing retracted her gaze and then spoke slowly with a tone that indicated just how exapserated she was with the incapability of these people.

"Have you never heard of the saying that those who do evil more often die than live? Is this how Feng Hen taught you all?!"

At the mention of Feng Hen, everyone lost their composure.

"Boss, how does she know of our Sect Leader's name?" A man in black asked Peng Yue.

The way Peng Yue looked at Qiao Qing was now also full of terror and respect.

He made a fist and cupped it with another, then he asked, "Miss, what kind of relationship do you have with the Sect Leader?"

"You have no right to ask me that question." Qiao Qing loosened her grasp. Then, she pulled off the chain on her neck and tossed it over, "Go back and give that to Feng Hen, tell him, this person is now under my possession."

She then no longer paid attention to these people. While carrying Jun Yexuan, she got out of there.

Peng Yue caught the necklace. Looking at the platinum goldfish fishbone necklace, he fell into deep thoughts.

The person from beside him asked, "Boss, we are letting them go just like that? Killing Jun Yexuan was our mission. Plus, what if she's lying? What if she doesn't even know our Sect Leader?"

Peng Yue looked over to him. "Did you forget how she attacked us just now? Even if we don't believe her words, we cannot overcome her."

The questioner was stifled and stopped speaking.

Peng Yue stored the necklace away and looked back up. Qiao Qing's silhouette could no longer be seen, and so he said, "Let's go."


Jun Yexuan was 190cm tall. As Qiao Qing supported him and walked back to the Qiao Family courtyard's west condo, she didn't break a sweat nor did she breathe heavily.

The moment they arrived at the living room, a surprised shrill arose, "Ah, baby, why did you bring back a man? Who is this?!"

"I picked him up from the street." Qiao Qing walked up the stairs without stopping her steps or turning her head, "Mom, bring the first aid kit to the guest room."

"Ah, okay." He Wanqing brandished her hand at Chen Ming, who was standing right by her, "Butler Chen, go fetch me the first aid kit."

"Yes, ma'am." Chen Ming nodded and walked away to fetch the kit. However, he was tripped by a mop and couldn't help but to nag, "Auntie Liu, why are you in a daze while moping the ground?"

Liu Ping retracted her gaze that was looking upwards and then nodded. "Sorry, sorry." As she spoke, she hastily cleared the way.

Qiao Qing helped Jun Yexuan to the guest room and gently placed him on the bed.

Without any hesitation, she tore apart his blazer and the blood-soaked white dress shirt.

Near the heart was a mush of blood and flesh. Because it was on Jun Yexuan's pretty white chest, it looked like such an eyesore. 

It was a gunshot wound.

Qiao Qing performed an initial examination. Then, she poured a bucket of water and cleaned off the blood around the wound.

Before long, He Wanqing walked in holding the first aid kit.

"Baby, the first aid kit is here… oh my god!"

He Wanqing covered her eyes with her empty hand. "How did this person get so injured?"

Qiao Qing sighed helplessly and took over the first aid kit. As she prepared the medicine and the tools, she said, "If you are scared, then get out."

He Wanqing slowly let go of the first aid kit and as she watched Qiao Qing operate on this man, she asked, "Where did you find this person? How did he get injured?"

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