The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 20 - Third Brother, Why Are You Following Qiao Qing?

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Chapter 20: Third Brother, Why Are You Following Qiao Qing?

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Chen Ming seemingly frowned a little but his tone remained somewhat friendly, "We aren't in the wild. There is a washroom right by the guest room you are staying in. Why pursue something that's far when there's something nearby? Plus, relieving oneself in random places is wrong."

"..." Mu Jinghang was speechless.

Growing up, no matter how tarnished his reputation got, nobody has claimed that he relieved himself in random places.

If this rumor spreads, then this young master Mu might as well stop trying to make a name for himself in the capital city!

After a few rounds of breathing in and out, Mu Jinghang finally rediscovered his nearly broken down voice. "Butler Chen, do you ever sleep?"

Chen Ming responded, "I find it difficult to sleep after thinking about my daughter-in-law who hasn't given birth after 13 months of pregnancy."

Mu Jinghang, "…"

You are ruthless!

Is your daughter-in-law pregnant with Nezha?!

Eerily glaring at Chen Ming, Mu Jinghang had no energy to comfort him over words that were more ridiculous than his own. With his heart in pieces, he turned around and left.

Watching Mu Jinghang leave, Chen Ming laughed proudly. "What a joke! Trying to outsmart the miss!"

The next morning, Mu Jinghang went knocking on Jun Yexuan's door with dark circles under his eyes. The moment he entered, he began to cry for heavens and scream for the earth. 

"Third brother, I couldn't get into Qiao Qing's study room, let alone help you investigate into the secrets of her bookshelf!"

Jun Yexuan was buttoning up his sleeves and he didn't seem surprised at this.

Mu Jinghang was a little startled at his reaction and turned furious. "You guessed that I wouldn't be able to get in?"

Jun Yexuan's exquisite eyes twitched. "I wasn't sure. I just wanted you to try."

Those words stifled Mu Jinghang.

He felt like this was so unfair. "You know, I didn't sleep the whole night!"

"Then you'll sleep well during the day." Jun Yexuan left behind this flavorless statement and opened the door to leave.

Mu Jinghang couldn't sit still anymore. "Where are you going?"

"To have breakfast."

Mu Jinghang got up. "I will go with you."

Once they got downstairs, He Wanqing was plating the breakfast with the maids.

After seeing Mu Jinghang, she couldn't hold in her laughter. "You didn't sleep well last night?"

Before Mu Jinghang could answer, Chen Ming began to respond, "Mr. Jing suffered from insomnia last night."

Mu Jinghang couldn't hold back and glared at him.

He Wangqing gave Chen Ming a strange look, "How did you know he had insomnia?"

Chen Ming, "Because last night, Mr. Jing went to… went to uh…"

Mu Jinghang covered Liu Ming's mouth, "Auntie, I'm hungry, let's start eating!"

He Wanqing suspiciously gave them a look, making Mu Jinghang's hair stand up on their ends.

But in the end, she didn't pry anymore and allowed the maids to do their work.

After eating, Qiao Qing took her backpack off the couch and threw it over her shoulder. After saying goodbye to He Wanqing, she left.

Because the Qiao manor was close to her high school, Qiao Qing rarely got a ride and usually just walks to school.

Not long after Qiao Qing left, Jun Yexuan, who was sitting in the living room, got up and said, "Auntie, I'm going to take a stroll."

He Wanqing had a face of "I understand", and waved her hand. "Go ahead."

Seeing this, Mu Jinghang also stood up and headed out, but he was stopped by He Wanqing. "Where are you going?"

Mu Jinghang remembered how he was mistakenly thought of as gay, and quickly adjusted the words that left his lips, "I'm going to my investors to try and see if I can get some of my money back."

He Wanqing smiled brightly and stuck out her thumb. "Young man, you have a bright future! I think highly of you!"

Mu Jinghang dry laughed, a little shocked at the sudden praise. "Thank you, auntie." Then, he chased after Jun Yexuan.

Without shifting her gaze, Qiao Qing continued along her way to school. Jun Yexuan was leaping forward with his long legs, following her at a steady pace while keepting some distance between them.

Before long, Mu Jinghang caught up to him. "Third brother, why are you following Qiao Qing?"

"Shush~" Jun Yexuan placed a finger before his lips and gently lifted his chin, "Look."

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