The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 21 - The Hero Saving the Beauty

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Chapter 21: The Hero Saving the Beauty

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Mu Jinghang looked towards the direction of where the sound was coming from and saw that in front of Qiao Qing, a group of girls wearing school uniforms was circling a girl and bullying her.

Immediately, he began to curse, "What the f*ck! What century are we in? They still bully people like this? The City of Brisk is truly far too unprogressive!"

Just as he began to roll up his sleeves to perform a classic act of the hero saving the beauty, Jun Yexuan stopped him.

Mu Jinghang looked at him in confusion. "Third bro, why are you stopping me?"

Jun Yexuan said, "Guess, will Qiao Qing make a move?"

Mu Jinghang only then realized that Qiao Qing would soon arrive in this area.

Pondering a little, he commented, "She probably will. After all, she saved you didn't she?"

Jun Yexuan didn't feel great at the reminder of that. She did save him, but before doing so, she negotiated with him and even left him for some time.

Even now, he still doesn't know just why she came back to save him.

"Let bet." Jun Yexuan wasn't sure why he was being so immature right now, "I bet she's not going to save the girl."

Hearing this bet, Mu Jinghang immediately became energetic, "What are we betting?"

Jun Yexuan spoke softly, "If she saves the girl, then I will give you the care you've been wanting for a long time."

Mu Jinghang's eyes brightened, "Are you for real?!"

Jun Yexuan replied, "Why would I lie to you about something like this."

Mu Jinghang felt dizzy from this sudden surprise but then soon remembered, "What if she doesn't save her?"

Jun Yexuan smiled, "Then the opportunity of a hero saving a beauty is open for you."

Mu Jinghang thought this was a little hard to believe. "You are going to give me such a good deal?"

Jun Yexuan began to hum and didn't speak.


Since Qiao Qing had earbuds in, she didn't hear the conversation between Jun Yexuan and Mu Jinghang.

As she walked, a piece of ripped-out school uniform suddenly floated towards her and landed by her feet.

She softly frowned. Taking out her earbuds, she looked to the direction where the uniform floated from.

Amongst the crowd, a girl was wearing a set of ripped up clothes. Her hair was in disarray and there were tear stains down her cheeks.

The girl in front of her had a look of sarcastic ridicule, "Look at how pitiful you look. You make me feel sick. How dare you so shamelessly try to entice Qi Rui? Why don't you take a piss then check yourself out in the mirror to see what you look like!"

The girl shook her head, "I didn't."

"Liao Shanshan, why are you talking to her so much? Just throw her on the streets while she's looking like this to get it over with." Another girl from the group suggested.

 The girl's face turned white from fear. "No! I didn't try to entice him! I also don't know why he'd come to find me and tell me all those things…"

A loud slap landed on her face. The girl named Liao Shanshan had a devious expression on her face. "Are you still showing off? Showing off that you are capable? You shameless slut! I am going to kill you!"

Just as she raised her hand to hit the girl's cheek again, her wrist felt tight – someone had grabbed it.

Liao Shanshan raised her head and met Qiao Qing's cold and determined face.

"Who do you think you are? Are you playing the hero who's saving the beauty or do you want to be hit alongside her?"

The girl who was getting hit was stunned when she saw Qiao Qing.

Qiao Qing didn't say anything. Holding onto Liao Shanshan's wrist, she twisted hard.

The sound of bones breaking arose, making Liao Shanshan shriek out loudly like a pig being butchered.

Qiao Qing then lets go of her hand as if she was throwing out the trash. "Get the hell out of here!"

Liao Shanshan fell to the ground while shouting "Ah!" Her wrist touched the ground and the pain made her cry.

"Liao Shanshan!"

"Liao Shanshan!"

Her subordinates looked nervous as they dashed over to help her up. Liao Shanshan then said, "What are you all looking at? Go hit her for me!"

After seeing how Qiao Qing had attacked, who dared to go up to her? None of them moved.

Liao Shanshan cursed, "You are all useless!"

But she tasted pain after all and didn't dare to do any more harm.

Feeling everyone's gaze on her, she felt like she had lost all her face.

She then said to Qiao Qing with a grudge, "Just you wait!"

Then, with the help of the others, she left.

Qiao Qing didn't pay attention to her and instead, looked over to the girl who had been bullied.

Unzipping her jacket, she took it off and threw it to her. "Wear this."

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