The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 24 - If You Lost Your Memory, then Go Find the Policeman

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Chapter 24: If You Lost Your Memory, then Go Find the Policeman

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Plus, she was the one comforting her, why did it feel like she was the one getting comforted now?

Before long, the math class representative, Jiang Yi, shouted and every group leader began to collect the take-home math practice test from everyone.

Because Qiao Qing has never handed one in, when group leader Zhu Anan got to her, she skipped Qiao Qing and only took Lin Xiyan's.

By the time Zhu Anan had taken in all the practice tests and had given them to Jiang Yi, she was asked to stand where she was, "How come you didn't take in all the tests?"

Zhu Anan was a little started. Qiao Qing was in her group, when has she ever taken in all the tests?

Jiang Yi acted as if he didn't find his own question strange at all. Though he knew the answer, he still asked, "Who didn't hand one in?"

Zhu Anan then responded, "Qiao Qing."

Jiang Yi nodded, got out of his seat, and walked straight to where Qiao Qing was sitting.

Everyone's gaze followed.

The third year of high school was dry and boring. Anything that was unrelated to school and studying could arouse everyone's excitement. Let alone gossip between a man and a woman.

Qiao Qing was reading when she felt a shadow cast over her.

From above, Jiang Yi's mechanical voice was heard, "Why aren't you handing in the practice test?"

The fingers that were used to flip the pages paused. She then answered without much effort, "I didn't write it."

Jiang Yi's fingers tapped down on her desk, "Can you raise your head? This is the attitude you have when you talk to people?"

Qiao Qing frowned and then slowly raised her head to look at Jiang Yi, "Is there something you need?"

To be looking at the cold but beautiful face at such a close distance, Jiang Yi, for some reason, felt his heart flutter.

Remembering how she didn't recognize him yesterday morning, the words that left his lips were, "What is my name?"

Qiao Qing giggled. "If you are suffering from memory loss, then go find a policeman."

Afterward, she lowered her head and continued reading.

Jiang Yi felt stifled.

Everyone else from the class was extremely confused by this pair.

"Just what is happening?"

"What else could it be? Her engagement was called off and she isn't happy about it. She is purposely not handing in her practice test to attract Jiang Yi's attention. I have seen many clingy people like this."

Lin Xiyan glared at the girl who was teasing, "You should go get your brain checked out! Qiao Qing never hands in her homework. Even the teacher knows that."

"Jiang Yi has never badgered her before, but this time he is asking her for the practice test."

"Just who's the one trying to garner attention?! Who's the one trying to be acknowledged!?"

Qiao Qing looked over to Lin Xiyan, unexpectantly thinking that this girl sure was strange.

First, she didn't dare to resist when she was bullied.

Then, in the blink of an eye, she was now endlessly chirping around her ear.

Now, she has transformed into a little porcupine with many battling capabilities and was full of energy when combating against others.

Jiang Yi's intention was revealed by Lin Xiyan and he felt like he had lost face.

So, he sat down in the chair in the row before Qiao Qing's and went up against her, "Start writing it now."

Whether it was intentional or unintentional, his face was placed directly before Qiao Qing's gaze.

Qiao Qing raised her head to look at him and saw that he was acting like he was sitting on pins and needles.

Then, after shuffling around her desk, she found the latest math practice test.

With a loud "thump", she slapped it onto the desk, scaring everyone in the room.

Qiao Qing took out a pencil and began to seriously solve the questions.

Jiang Yi watched her eye movements very closely and noticed that she began to answer the questions as she read them.

Even by the time she reached the long answers, she solved them as she read the questions. She even omitted her work and straight-up wrote down the final answer.

The entire practice test took her less than two minutes.

Jiang Yi was in awe as he thought, "She sure is incapable. The moment I ask her to answer the test questions, she gets flustered and behaves irrationally."

But after taking over the test papers and looking at the answers she wrote, he was immediately stunned.

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