The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 25 - Luo Chen

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Chapter 25: Luo Chen

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Her completed test had very similar answers to his own.

Even the last question that he couldn't answer was filled out by her.

He looked at her in shock, "You have the answer key?"

Qiao Qing flipped the page of the book she was reading and didn't answer him.

Jiang Yi instantly forgot how to breathe. However, even if someone was beating him to death right now, he wouldn't believe that Qiao Qing had written this herself.

Not only had she never passed an exam, how could there be anyone who can simultaneously solve a math problem while reading the question?

No matter what method Qiao Qing used to get the answers, she had handed it in. He couldn't make a deal out of this anymore.

Jiang Yi stood up to leave, but Lin Xiyan suddenly spoke out, "I hope Jiang Yi can treat all students as equals. Since you took Qingqing's, you should also take Luo Chen's."

Her words made everyone gasp with cold air.

In class 22, if Qiao Qing was a stereotypical slacker, then Luo Chen would be 100% a delinquent.

He was considered to be one of the most handsome boys in school but was also a bully.

During class time, he would either be playing on his phone or sleeping. He has never handed in any homework.

Maybe it was because of the well-known fact that his family has done so many "good deeds" for the school, no school teacher or leader dared to ask him for anything.

Let alone the students.

Though the Jiang family was a famous and well-known clan in the City of Brisk, it was nothing compared to the Luo family.

Plus, Jiang Yi himself was rather arrogant and never thought anything of delinquents like Luo Chen.

Though both were young masters from rich families in the City of Brisk, and they were from the same class, their interactions were essentially zero.

Now, Lin Xiyan was asking him to go fetch Luo Chen's homework – it was a calculated move.

The girl who was teasing before gave Lin Xiyan a look, "I thought you didn't like your deskmate? Why are you acting like her pet now?"

Lin Xiyan responded, "Who told you I don't like Qiao Qing? Previously, I did think Qiao Qing might have been a little too proud and cold so I was too scared to talk to her. However, she is a great person!"

That person pouted, obviously not buying what she was saying.


At the hospital.

Liao Shanshan was white in the face throughout the process of getting her broken bone relocated and was crying endlessly.

After the doctor left, she said with much hatred, "If I don't avenge myself, then my last name isn't Liao!"

One girl suggested, "How about we call the cops? Your injury will guarantee that she sits in jail for a couple of days."

"[email protected]!" Liao Shanshan said, "If we call the cops, we will probably get arrested as well!"

"Then what do we do?"

Liao Shanshan answered, "She dares to hurt my hand, I will handicap her arm. I'm going to paralyze her for life!"

As she spoke, she stared at the girls before her. "Does any one of you know who that little b!tch is?"

One of the girls replied, "I know, I know. She is Lin Xiyan's deskmate and is also the daughter of a famous genius. She is the incapable Qiao Qing!"

"Ah, the one from class 22! The handsome school babe, Luo Chen is also from that class!"

One of the girls then suggested, "Shanshan, if you find someone to handicap her arm, it will be harder for them to trace it back to you. Why not ask Luo Chen to take care of this? If you do that, then the Qiao family wouldn't find you amidst it all."

The Luo family is the wealthiest in the City of Brisk. The Qiao family wouldn't dare butt heads against the Luo family even if they are taken advantage of. Therefore, they can only pretend to be mute and say nothing.

Liao Shanshan frowned, "But I've never interacted with Luo Chen. Why would he help me?"

"Aye!" Another girl suggested, "Since we are going to borrow someone's knife to kill, then why not borrow an additional one?"

"Everyone knows the goddess in Luo Chen's mind is Qiao Nian, and Qiao Nian is Qiao Qing's cousin. I've heard that the two sisters never got along."

"If Qiao Nian asks, then there's no doubt Luo Chen will help her."

Another girl questioned, "Qiao Nian is one of the most intelligent and talented girls in the City of Brisk. Even though she doesn't sit well with Qiao Qing, she probably wouldn't agree to being used."

Liao Shanshan laughed at those words, "I have a way to make her agree."

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