The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 26 - A Young Man Dressed in White, Walking out of a Manga

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Chapter 26: A Young Man Dressed in White, Walking out of a Manga

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Only after the bell rang to signal the end of the second class, did Luo Chen arrive.

This young man wore simple black pants and a white dress shirt.

His fashionable black tie was casually knotted around his collar. He looked relaxed and somewhat lazy.

Below his messy and chaotic nut-colored short hair was a pale white and jade-like face. It was a face that was handsome, arrogant, and also villainous. It was a visage that was unexplainably non-gender specific.

Though his eyes were the most special thing about him.

They weren't brown, which are most common amongst Asians. Instead, they were light ash grey.

Like clear glass, under the Sun, his eyes looked lively and shiny.

It was like he was a young man dressed in white, walking out of a manga.

He was a stereotypical manga male lead.

The moment he stepped into the classroom, he garnered a giant wave of attention.

It wasn't purely due to his looks, which stood out. It was also because of what Lin Xiyan had said this morning.

Everyone's gaze traveled between Luo Chen and Jiang Yi. In their mind, they pondered whether Jiang Yi would go and ask Luo Chen for his practice exam.

To a certain degree, Luo Chen and Qiao Qing were very similar.

They both were immune to how their classmates viewed them and never gave two cents about what their teachers had to say.

Even when they were late, they would never say anything to the teacher and straight-up walk to their seats… in the last row.

The rather chubby math teacher, Zhang Dejun squinted his eyes as he glanced over Luo Chen's silhouette.

Then, he chuckled, "Right, before class started, I saw Qiao Qing's test in the pile of collected practice tests. Not bad! Some praising is needed! Even Qiao Qing knows to hand in homework now. It won't be long before we can get full attendance for our class! Ehem, ehem, class is over."

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone's gaze landed back on Qiao Qing and Luo Chen.

It was far too obvious who the teacher was targeting.

Qiao Qing didn't even raise her head and continued to study her book.

Luo Chen also acted like he didn't hear anything. Resting his upper body on his desk, he began to sleep.

In the end, everyone looked towards Jiang Yi. Against these gazes, Jiang Yi felt like he was being roasted on a stick and was forced to get up and go use the bathroom.

After the third class was over, the teacher left and someone peeked in from outside the classroom door, "Qiao Nian, someone wants you."

Qiao Nian put down her pen and walked out, confused.

In the hallway, Liao Shanshan held onto her bandaged wrist and got straight to the point, "I heard your cousin and you don't get along?"

Qiao Nian glanced around immediately. Only when she was sure nobody was paying attention to her, did she answer in a low voice, "Who are you? What do you want?"

Liao Shanshan smiled at her reaction, "It's not important who I am. I am here to make a deal with you. Since you don't think it's convenient to talk here, then… come with me?"

Qiao Nian subtly frowned. Out of instinct, she detested girls like this.

But because this was related to Qiao Qing, she nodded.

At the back of the math building, where there was literally nobody:

After the two arrived, Liao Shanshan asked, "I heard Luo Chen likes you?"

Qiao Nian was quite proud of this.

Though Luo Chen didn't get good grades, he was handsome with a powerful family. He was the dream man to the majority of the girls in this school.

To be liked by a boy like this was something to be proud of.

She certainly had vanity, an excess amount of it.

Qiao Nian didn't deny it and merely said, "What do you want?" 

"Since he likes you, then what I'm about to ask you to do will be very easy."

Liao Shanshan smiled. "I don't care what method you use, grab Luo Chen, and ask him to teach your cousin a lesson. Handicap one of her arms for me."

Qiao Nian frowned, "You have beef with Qiao Qing?"

Liao Shanshan had no plans to hide this and raised her arm clumsily, "This, was a gift from your cousin!"

Qiao Nian shook her head, "This is a rivalry between you two, why should I help you? It is true that I don't like her, but I am not about to let someone use me as a tool."

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