The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 31 - Jealousy

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Chapter 31: Jealousy

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"A mystery novel granted her the title 'Einstein' in the writers' community. A wuxia novel granted her the review that any wuxia novel published after 'Immortal' will no longer be considered a wuxia novel. A finance book made entrepreneurs go crazy over it."

"The moment her books get printed, all retail platforms would see their payment system crash. The way people fight after her book is messier than university students trying to pick their desired classes online."

"When 'Immortal' hit the market, I pulled an all-nighter and lined up for 8 hours before getting my hands on one. I used all my connections and I couldn't even get my hands on a signed copy."

"I really do want to meet the author Feng Ci herself. This person is far too mysterious and far too low-key. She's never shown her face."

"Because of this, the rumors surrounding this author are getting wilder and wilder. Some are now even claiming that Feng Ci is an underaged girl. How funny is that?"

"I don't believe it for a second that an underaged girl can write books like that. The real author must be an older man with a stubby mustache."

Qiao Qing, "…"

The owner of the shop then walked over as he held onto a tray. She placed it before Luo Chen. "Your fish is ready. Including the coconut water, it's $25 total."

"Okay." Luo Chen paid and picked up his chopsticks to eat. Immediately, he began to cough.

"Ehem, ehem, ehem…. Ehem… what the hell is this? It's so spicy."

The owner turned around, "Spicy fish. You said you wanted the same dish as the girl."

Qiao Qing watched Luo Chen stick out his tongue and crazily suck on the straw to get the coconut juice out. She laughed at him – a rare emotion from her.

Luo Chen's gaze landed on the gentle smile on her lips. He couldn't help but be a little dazed.

Suddenly, he no longer found it spicy and mumbled, "Qiao Qing, you should smile more. You're so pretty when you smile."


Across from the small restaurant was a high-end European style restaurant. The two worlds juxtaposed next to each other. 

It caused a divide between those who were now a part of society and those who were still in school.

On the second floor private room, beside the window, Mu Jinghang was chatting with Jun Yexuan.

His gaze subconsciously glared out the window and saw an unbelievable scene.

"Yo, third brother," Mu Jinghang kicked Jun Yexuan underneath the table, "I saw an extremely good looking young couple."

Mu Jinghang began to joke around.

Jun Yexuan had no interest in the good looking couple he was talking about.

He lowered his head and dusted off the ends of his pants, "You want to die?"

Mu Jinghang coughed, "It's just that the girl looks a little familiar."

Jun Yexuan saw the meaningfulness in his eyes and instantly, his eyebrow raised.

He followed his gaze and saw this scene.

Inside the smoky and heated restaurant, a young girl was facing a young boy with a beautiful smile. The young boy stared at the young girl in a daze, his cheeks dyed red.

A handsome boy and a beautiful girl – a couple well suited for each other.

But to Jun Yexuan, this was far too blinding.

For the last two days since he has met her, he has only witnessed her cold face or sarcastic snickers. When has he ever seen her smile so genuinely?

Though it wasn't for certain what exactly he was feeling, Jun Yexuan abruptly got up and walked outside.

Mu Jinghang turned his head, "Third brother, the food isn't even here yet!"

Jun Yexuan ignored him and didn't even turn around.

But right after he walked out of the room, he was greeted by a crowd of people.

The leader of the pack, a handsome man, brandished his hand, "You all can go first."

Behind him, everyone retreated upon hearing the order.

Feng Heng looked over to Jun Yexuan and handed over a cigarette, "Third young master Jun came on my land without a warning. Have I not been treating you well?"

Jun Yexuan declined the cigarette, "Young master Feng, what are you saying? However, thanks to your people, I cannot smoke yet."

Feng Heng laughed at this, "It is true that my subordinates are no good. But, Qin Hai's life, evidence for Jun Tianlin's crimes, as well as the newly formed base in the east, are not enough to soothe third young master Jun's anger?"

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