The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 36 - Useless even if You Call Me Dad

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Chapter 36: Useless even if You Call Me Dad

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Jiang Yi furiously crumbled the sheet of paper into a ball and glared angrily at Qiao Qing's silhouette.

He truly felt like this woman was his nemesis. Every single time, she managed to anger him enough for him to lose his zen.

Luo Chen texted his older brother to ask him to buy him the herbs when he heard a question, "Why are you sitting here?"

Zhu Anan saw Luo Chen sitting as her desk mate and her face turned uncontrollably red.

These were young girls after all, who didn't like handsome boys from school who were both good looking and bad?

Luo Chen didn't even raise his head when he answered impatiently, "From now on, this is my seat."

Zhu Anan's face turned even redder. She responded with an "oh" and didn't ask for the reason. Then, she carefully sat down.

Her mind was blank. Nothing felt real.

Before long, the bell rang for the beginning of class.

It was time for Yang Lianfeng's class.

Because it was a special time right now, nobody in class was focused on their homework nor their textbooks. Instead, they all stared at the door with a heightened nerve.

As expected, after the bell rang, everyone's male Chinese teacher with a height of 150cm appeared outside the door.

He held onto a stainless steel mug and a stack of paper that looked like report cards.

The moment Yang Lianfeng entered, he made a "huh" noise.

Then, his gaze focused on Luo Chen and the boy who exchanged seats with him.

After he reached the lecture podium, he put his cup of water on the side and each one of his hands held onto each end of the small table.

"I remember telling you all that you are all in grade 12 now so there won't be too many strict rules. If anyone feels sitting at a certain spot would help you improve your studies, then talk it out in private and switch seats accordingly. But this only applies if the seat switch is for educational purposes. So…"

His tone changed as he looked over to Luo Chen, "Handsome young man, what are you trying to pull by sitting there?"

His words generated a wave of laughter from the students.

Chen Lianfeng was the homeroom teacher for this class, therefore, he was very popular with the students.

He was popular not only because of his above-average teaching abilities but also the fact that he treated all students as equals.

It was also because he managed the class very laxly and because while he had a very proper exterior, he was extremely funny.

He had always been able to make his students feel like they were friends.

Though Luo Chen never gave other teachers a second look, he respected this one.

Luo Chen turned his head to give Qiao Qing a look and then answered, "Teacher, it is for educational purposes. I switched seats to be closer to Qing… to Qiao Qing so she can help me study. If I sit here, then I can ask her any question that I do not know the answer to."


His words generated another wave of roaring laughter as well as loud coughing from everyone.

Yang Lianfeng fixed the position of his glasses and looked over his grades list with a somber expression.

He found those two students' names on the last two rows and he immediately fell into silence.

One sure dares to learn, and the other sure dares to teach.

"Then I hope you both can move forward together." Yang Lianfeng pursed his lips and coughed gently. Then, he took a sip of his water and got back on topic, "Anyways, the midterm grades are out."

One statement diminished all the excitement from the students.

Just as everyone expected Yang Lianfeng to announce the grades, they saw him sigh at the sight of the grades list.

"After this exam, you have all taught me a valuable lesson. If I didn't get a chance to look at your grades, I really would've thought I am a good teacher."

Though he was only half-joking, all the students felt their hearts drop.

"Nobody from this class placed in the top three of this school. But all of the bottom three were from this class. It seems like I have given you all too much freedom. So, I will be announcing your grades publicly during the student-teacher meeting this Wednesday."

Those words generated much awe from below.



"You dawg have changed! You aren't cute to us anymore."

"Brother Yang…"

Yang Lianfeng slammed his desk. His smile was simultaneously cute and hateful and also very sly, "It's useless even if you call me 'dad'!"

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