The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 37 - Sly Boy Jun Yexuan

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Chapter 37: Sly Boy Jun Yexuan

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The normally easy-going and funny teacher turned serious right away. He had a lot of power so no student dared to speak anymore.

Yang Lianfeng took another sip of water and prepared to warn the class.

"Don't forget, I am going to emphasize this again. The student-teacher meeting is this Wednesday, the day after tomorrow."

"If anyone here fails to invite their parents, then I can only personally invite your parents to my office and provide you with a one-on-one meeting."

His words stopped those who got a bad score from trying to play tricks.

He heard the subtle exhales from below the podium and smiled smugly.

He had played all the tricks in the books while he was a student himself. Someone want to try and sneak past him? Who did they think they were!


After school, Qiao Qing returned home and found two unwelcomed guests in her house.

The old granny who sat in the center saw Qiao Qing and knocked on the ground with her cane.

With a cold expression, she said, "You good-for-nothing piece of junk, why did you come home! Do you know what you've done today?!"

Qiao Qing squinted. Before she could say anything, He Wanqing lost it.

"Mom, because of Zibo, I will respectively call you mom. But you cannot disrespect everyone else because you are elderly! Qiao Qing just came home and before she even found out about anything, you have started to curse at her! As a mother, I disagree with this!"

"Who are you accusing of being disrespectful?!" Meng Chunhua pointed her finger at He Wanqing, then aggressively coughed.

"Who talks to their mother-in-law like this? The reason why this kid is so useless is all because of you…"

"Enough!" Qiao Qing's pretty face seemed to have three inches of ice frozen over it. Her gaze landed on Meng Chunhua and Qin Yongmei's faces. "Is there a reason for you two to visit?"

Meng Chunhua hissed coldly, "Like mother, like daughter. You don't even call me 'grandma' anymore!"

Qin Yongmei stepped forward. With a furious look on her face, she began to whine on behalf of her daughter.

"Qiao Qing, I believe I have treated you well. As the older cousin, I never asked you to take care of Qiao Nian, but you cannot gather a group of hoodlums to take advantage of her!"

Qiao Qing snickered at this, "That's what she told you?!"

"You think she's like you? Don't think so poorly of everyone else!" Meng Chunhua continued, "A girl she was walking home with told us."

"QiaoNian didn't even let her tell us and took your side. Yet the moment you open your mouth, you accuse her. Where is your conscience?!"

Then, she lifted her cane and slammed it towards Qiao Qing.

Before Qiao Qing could react, she felt a rush of wind blow by her and a pinch on her waist. Then, she was embraced by a fresh smelling scent.

The cane landed on his shoulders, making Jun Yexuan mumble.

He looked at the girl in his arms, "When you were going up against me, you reacted pretty fast. Yet why are you too dumb to dodge now?"

He Wanqing was shocked by this turn of event and immediately turned furious, "Old woman, what are you doing?!"

After making that statement, she quickly walked to Qiao Qing and Jun Yexuan.

Then she said to Qiao Qing, "Baby, go help Jun Yexuan upstairs. His wounds never fully healed."

"Auntie, I'm fine." Jun Yexuan's tone contained pain, "As long as Qiao Qing is unharmed."

Mu Jinghang, who has yet to enter the room, looked up into the sky speechlessly.

Acting. Keep acting.

How come he has never realized just how annoying his third brother was?

Even he himself admitted defeat in the face of such a performance.

Because Jun Yexuan saw Qiao Qing together with a boy her own age, he felt endangered and has now self-injured himself to win her heart.

Just as Mu Jinghang rolled his eyes, he felt Jun Yexuan's killer gaze.

Shuddering, he remembered he had something to take care of. So, he turned around and made a call.

Qiao Qing was having difficulty breathing from his grasp. With a dark face, she said, "Let me go!"

Jun Yexuan only unwillingly let her go after hearing that.

Qiao Qing noticed that his chest area was doused in blood. Her eyes couldn't help but quiver.

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