The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 38 - Qiao Qing Angered, Face Slapping Begins

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Chapter 38: Qiao Qing Angered, Face Slapping Begins

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"Where did that wild man come from? He Wanqing, you didn't educate your daughter right but you are so uneducated yourself?!"

"Zibo isn't home and there's only you and your daughter. Yet you so openly invite two giant men to live here?!"

"If this rumor gets around, what will people say about Zibo? How will people talk about the Qiao family?!"

Meng Chunhua's voice shook. After she lectured He Wanqing, she looked over to Qiao Qing, "And you! You are so young and you are already hugging and touching other people. What will you do when you grow up!"

He Wanqing immediately exploded, "You are old now so you should try to accumulate some good deeds! Only those with a dark heart can think so darkly of others!"

"The kid, Ye Xuan, hurt himself, which is why Qiao Qing brought him home to help him. Jing Hang was robbed while on business. He had nowhere else to go and that's why I'm taking him in for a while."

"We are all kind people trying to do kind things. Yet you think so lowly of us. What century are we in now? You still practice your feudal way of thinking?"

"Don't always use Zibo as your shield. To have you as his mom, I feel embarrassed for him!"

He Wanqing's words turned Mu Jinghang, who just got off his call, wide-eyed and wide-mouthed.

Mama He sure created explosive damage!

"You! Ehem, ehem, ehem… ehem…"

Qin Yongmei quickly stepped up and patted her back, "Mom, don't get so angry. It hurts your health."

Then, she turned around to look at He Wanqing, "Sister-in-law, can't you talk nicely? Mom is elderly now and cannot be angered like this. Are you really planning on making her sick from all this?"

"If she dies from this then it's her problem!" Qiao Qing's expression was cold, "You came here pissing all around first. You think my mom and I are easy to take advantage of? Also…"

Qiao Qing pointed her finger down to the ground, "Look over here. This is my home! What gives you the right to tell my mom what to do?!"

"You evil creature!" Meng Chunhua's face was so dark it was like rain might start to pour, "You… you offend all of our values and our morals! Ehem, ehem… this is the Qiao manor! I am the wife of the head of the Qiao family. She is your aunt. You are calling us outsiders?"

"Zibo disappeared so you two eat from the Qiao family bowl and use stuff from the Qiao family house. Have I ever made a comment about that? How did I raise two ungrateful wolves!"

Qiao Qing hissed, "Butler!"

Chen Ming understood right away what was needed so he went to the study room.

Before long, he returned with a stack of documents and proof.

Meng Chunhua and Qin Yongmei became flustered the moment they saw this.

Qiao Qing brought forward the property ownership certificate and laid it out on the table, "Open your eyes wide and read this well. Whose name is written on here?!"

"For the Qiao family to have its current status, to be able to live in an area like this, who made all this possible?! My father did!"

"Whose company is it that uncle is working for? It's a business that belongs to my dad!"

"All these years, have any of you given my mom and me a single cent? No!"

"You are living on our property, posing control over our businesses, sucking on our blood, so what right do you have to order us around?"

"Just who are the ungrateful wolves?!"

"If it weren't for the fact that you are related to my father, I would've thrown you all out years ago!"

Meng Chunhua and Qin Yongmei's original anger vaporized at once.

Meng Chunhua pouted a little and continued with much less energy, "What do you know? You're just a kid. I am his mother, why can't I live in the house he bought?"

"Also, we are here to talk about Qiao Nian, why are you talking about other stuff that is so farfetched?"

"Coming back to our original topic. What's with you gathering a group of people to bully Qiao Nian?! Look at what happened to her forehead! What if it ruins her visual! Just what were you thinking?!"

Qiao Qing's lips stretched out sarcastically upon hearing this, "Where's the evidence? Who can prove that I was the one who asked people to beat her up?!"

"You need evidence?!" Qin Yongmei chimed in, "She didn't even want to tell us it was you. But her friend was too angry and told us. Doesn't her friend count as evidence?"

Just then, someone walked in from the door, "Ma'am, the young master from the Luo family is here."

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