The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 39 - Of Course I’m here to Bring Qiao Qing Justice

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Chapter 39: Of Course I’m here to Bring Qiao Qing Justice

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Meng Chunhua was a little startled, "Which young master Luo?"

Qing Yongmei's eyes twirled around and then immediately brightened, "Mom, which other Luo family? Out of all the prominent families in the City of Brisk, there is only one Luo family worth mentioning."

Meng Chunhua's energy immediately returned, "Why would he visit us?"

Qin Yongmei then said, "Not sure. Maybe he's looking for Qiao Nian? Qiao Nian has mentioned a few times that young master Luo likes her and they are close."

Meng Chunhua looked happy about this, "Qiao Nian is surely capable and also very fortunate. She's not like her older cousin, who cannot keep a man she's already engaged to."

She walked one step and used her cane for the other step. Holding onto Qin Yongmei's arm, she straightened her body, "Why aren't you inviting the boy in!"

"There's no need. I am already here," Luo Chen said as he stepped into the living room.

Qin Yongmei hurried forward and greeted with a huge smile, "Young master Luo, you must be here for Qiao Nian. She is not here right now, she's playing Go with her grandpa in the back garden."

"Who told you I am here for her?"

Luo Chen responded bluntly. Qin Yongmei's smile froze on her face.

"Ah, right, you should call her over here and ask her directly just when did Qiao Qing ask others to bully her."

Meng Chunhua looked over to Luo Chen then back to Qiao Qing. Her head couldn't spin fast enough to figure out what has happened.

Qin Yongmei's heart felt unsettled but she continued to smile. "Then the reason for your visit is…"

Luo Chen looked over to Qiao Qing and smiled evilly, "Of course I'm here to bring Qiao Qing justice."

Jun Yexuan listened to him call her "Qiao Qing", and he squinted his eyes. Coldness seeped through him.

Mu Jinghang could visibly sense Jun Yexuan's unhappiness. He leaned in from behind and whispered, "Third brother, stay calm. You are the one who asked me to bring him over here no matter what. Now's not the time to be jealous."

Jun Yexuan glared at him, "I don't need you to teach me that."

Because both of them spoke quietly, they didn't attract much attention.

Luo Chen's words gave Qin Yongmei an ugly expression, "I don't really understand what young master Luo is saying. We are Qiao Qing's grandma and aunt, why would we wrong her? It's also Qiao Nian's friend who told us. How could it be fake?"

"Did her friend personally see Qiao Qing bully someone?" Luo Chen snickered sarcastically, "Nobody knows better than me just where she got her face full of injuries. Because..."

He paused, "Because I asked people to hit her."

"He's so f!cking ballsy." Mu Jinghang enjoyably watched from the side.

Qin Yongmei and Meng Chunhua's face fell when they heard this.

He Wanqing however, began to laugh. "Ah, this is so funny. Who were the ones who kept on yelling they didn't wrong Qiao Qing? Being slapped in the face now, aren't you?"

Qin Yongmei didn't care for how happy He Wanqing looked. She looked at Luo Chen, "You are still a kid, don't cross the line too much! Though your family is doing well in the City of Brisk, the Qiao family is no weakling! If you don't give me a reason as to why you bullied Qiao Nian, I am going to find your parents!"

Luo Chen made a noise. "Why so hasty?"

Then, he took out a laptop and a lollipop from his backpack.

After he unwrapped the lollipop, he quickly shoved it in Qiao Qing's mouth, "It's watermelon flavored. It will calm your anger."

Then, he turned on his laptop.

Qiao Qing had no chance to react before she tasted sweetness and blanked out.

Mu Jinghang from the side used all his strength to grab Jun Yexuan's fists, "Stay calm, stay calm, third brother. I will help you beat him up later."

Luo Chen turned on the laptop and continued, "Before you ask me why I asked people to hit her, come and see just what great things your daughter and granddaughter have done."

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