The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 4 - Feng Hen

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Chapter 4: Feng Hen

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Her heart was pounding but a smile remained on her face. With a confused expression, she said, "Elder miss?"

Qiao Qing finally released the phone and said, "Then I apologize."

"What are you saying! Why would the master apologize to the servant? You are torturing an old woman like me. It's late. Elder miss, you should rest soon. I am going to sleep as well."

Then Liu Ping left as if running away from Qiao Qing.

Qiao Qing didn't stop her. She turned around, crossed her arms, and watched Liu Ping disappear into the corner.

She was looking forward to the exciting events that would soon happen.

Just how will everything go?

The Jing Sect.

An ancient door with carvings of giant flowers slowly opened. A bunch of men dressed in black suits followed a lean and tall silhouette inside.

The man, who was walking against the light, had an extremely handsome visage. His lips were gently pursed together, his eyes were cold and profound, and his aura was extraordinary.

Peng Yue, who had been waiting on the side for a long time, came forward and greeted, "Sect Leader, our mission to assassinate Jun Yexuan failed. He…"

Feng Hen's hands that were unbuttoning the cuffs of his sleeves paused, then he interrupted, "Who ordered you to kill Jun Yexuan?"

There wasn't much emotion in his voice, but it was full of imposingness.

Peng Yue was startled and quickly kneeled, "Team Qin accepted the mission and ordered us to go. Sect Leader, you weren't here, so Head Qin from the Jing Sect had the most power. We didn't dare to disobey Head Qin's order."

Feng Hen's lips stretched a little. In a tone that was commanding but not angry, he instructed, "Bring him over."

Qi Feng, who was standing on the side answered, "Yes, sir."

Before long, Qin Feng dragged someone to Feng Hen and threw him down onto the ground.

Feng Hen sat in the leader's seat and his frigid gaze peered down at the person who was by his feet. "Who gave you the guts to provoke Jun Yexuan?"

Qin Hai's body quivered, "S… Sect Leader… I don't know. I saw that someone had placed a request, so I accepted it. You…"

Feng Hen interrupted him, "Who's the employer?"

Qin Hai's fingers slightly curled before he hesitantly spoke, "It's the fourth uncle of Jun Yexuan, Jun Tianlin."

Feng Hen smirked, "Very well."

Then, he instructed Qi Feng, "There's a document in the study room that has records of all the crimes Jun Tianlin has committed over the years. Send someone to bring it over to young master Jun."

"Yes, sir." Qin Feng turned around to look at Qin Hai, "Then, this person…"

"He broke Jing Sect's rules. You know what to do."

Qin Hai's face looked as dead as dust after hearing those words. He crawled to the front, "Sect Leader, please just forgive me this once. I know what I did wrong, Sect Leader!"

Feng Hen lifted his feet to avoid his touch before cruelly saying, "Take him away."

After Qin Hai was taken away, Feng Hen looked over to Peng Yue, "What else do you have to say? Speak."

Peng Yue walked up to him and thought about it. He then asked, "Sect Leader, is young master Jun really that powerful?"

Feng Hen raised the teacup his subordinate brought and blew at it mindlessly.

Since he admired Jun Yexuan as an opponent, he couldn't help but say a few words, "Why else do you think he is the one sitting on the iron throne and not his fourth uncle? You all failed to kill him also."

Peng Yue continued, "But we almost succeeded. It's just that halfway through, a girl appeared and saved him."

Feng Hen placed down the teacup and looked over to him.

Peng Yue opened up his palm and handed him the necklace, "That girl was extraordinarily skilled. Even I was no opponent of hers. She had asked me to give this to you and told me to tell you that young master Jun is now under her possession."

Feng Hen saw the fishbone pendant on the necklace and his pupils restricted.

Taking over the necklace, his thumb slowly rubbed the fishbone pendant. His gaze wandered.

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