The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 40: Throw out these two Shameless People!

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Chapter 40: Throw out these two Shameless People!

Then, he clicked open the surveillance video he asked for from the school and pushed the screen in front of everyone.

Then, he placed his hands behind his head and laughed mockingly.

The surveillance video showed a split-screen of two videos.

The first video showed Qiao Nian. Qin Yongmei’s heart suspended in the air the moment she saw what was happening.

When she saw Qiao Nian hand a girl a stack of cash to ask her to spread around the news of Qiao Qing being dumped, Qin Yongmei felt dizzy and cold in her limps.

He Wanqing on the other hand, blew up, “Alright! So this is what you meant by Qiao Nian takes care of Qiao Qing?! She’s so young yet her heart is so evil?! That’s her older cousin she’s dumping on!”

Qin Yongmei felt guilty and wanted to turn off the video, “This must’ve been a mistake. I don’t believe Qiao Nian would do something like this. There must be another reason.”

Before her hand could touch the laptop, Luo Chen had slapped it away with a collapsible fan in his hand, “Don’t touch my stuff!”

Qin Yongmei was flustered but didn’t have another solution.

The video cut to the second segment where Qiao Nian was crying in the hallway and complaining to Luo Chen about how Qiao Qing had purposely talked behind her back.

The previous scene was a slap in the face after seeing this scene. Her self directed and self-performed drama was truly fabulous.

Mu Jinghang shook his head, “This girl has great potential to be an actress.”

Luo Chen watched He Wanqing and Qin Yongmei’s reaction as he spoke, “Not only did she try to ruin Qiao Qing’s reputation, she also accused her. She pretended to be innocent to garner sympathy, then tried to use me to go against Qiao Qing. How dare she try to use me? To ask people to hit her was a small punishment!”

After he spoke, He Wanqing’s anger rose to its peak.

“What kind of trashy people are in your family! The elder is unreasonable and the young is evil.”

“She’s probably the true cause of Qiao Qing’s poor reputation from all these years!”

“I should let everyone from the City of Brisk see just what the docile, studious, and respectable girl truly is like!”

Qin Yongmei listened to He Wanqing curse and didn’t feel great about it. But after she heard what she said at the end, she became agitated.

There was no way she would let her daughter’s reputation get tainted.

“Sister-in-law, listen to yourself. Qiao Nian is still young and it’s unavoidable that she’d make mistakes. I apologize to you and Qiao Qing on her behalf. When I get back, I am going to educate her well. You are a person with a big heart, you are not going to mind this. Just forgive her this once. If this gets around, her name would be ruined.”

“So you know when to be scared?! You know the importance of your daughter’s reputation? When she was doing such low things, did she think about Qiao Qing’s reputation?”

Qin Yongmei merely smiled as an apology.

“Enough!” Meng Chunhua interrupted, “Since this whole thing was a misunderstanding, then we can simply talk it out. Why be so unforgivable?”

“The elder daughter’s uselessness is a well-known fact that doesn’t need anyone’s spreading. She’s never acted like she was smart.”

“She fails every subject, doesn’t know any instruments or art. She has been an embarrassment to her father all this time!”

“You!” He Wanqing was furious and screamed, “Butler Chen, throw out these two shameless people! Never allow them to enter again!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Yes, ma’am.”

He then extended his arm, “Please, this way.”

Meng Chunhua wanted to cause more arguments but Qin Yongmei stopped her, “Mom, let’s go.”

Meng Chunhua hissed before she held onto Qin Yongmei’s arm and left.

After the two left, Qiao Qing looked over to Luo Chen, “Why did you come here so suddenly.”

Luo Chen scratched his head, “Ah, it’s my elder brother. He told me what happened over here and asked me to come. I was actually going to ask you. Do you know my brother?”

Qiao Qing frowned and shook his head.

“Oh, it’s okay. Then I will just go ask him. Qiao Qing, you...”

“Mr. Ye, what happened to you?” Mu Jinghang suddenly made a sound and interrupted Luo Chen.

His tone carried the perfect amount of fright.

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