The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 43: You Heartless Girl, you won’t miss me at all?

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Chapter 43: You Heartless Girl, you won’t miss me at all?

Jin Sect.

Qi Feng stood behind Feng Heng, too afraid to even breathe.

Ever since Lang Yin came to return the ring, he has sensed coldness all around the sect leader.

God knows how long had passed, Feng Heng finally spoke out, “I have underestimated him. He only experienced a tiny bit of disadvantage in the morning, and by night, he had made a move.

“Qi Feng.”

Qi Feng made a fist with one hand and cupped it with the other, “Yes, sir.”

“Send a message around the capital city. Let Lu Yunqing use all his resources from inside the city to help out young master Jun.”

Qi Feng silently exclaimed over his Sect Leader’s dark intentions.

In the end, he could only exhale deeply. Ms. Qiao has always been a knot that could not be untied.


The next day, after breakfast, Qiao Qing went to school as per usual. Jun Yexuan and Mu Jinghang discussed business inside their room.

In the afternoon, a shadow suddenly stumbled in from outside the window.

Chi Yang walked toward Jun Yexuan and ordered, “Young master, the web has been set. It is time for you to return to the capital city.”

Jun Yexuan’s eyelids twitched. The gaze he directed towards the silhouette was forceful, “What happened?”

“Yeah exactly.” Mu Jinghang said, “I thought even the fastest scenario would take another three days, how is it so much earlier?”

Chi Yang began to sweat profusely from Jun Yexuan’s demeanor, “Last night, the Jin Sect gathered all the reputable forces in the capital city to help out.”

Mu Jinghang was a little stunned, “Third bro, why would Feng Heng help you? I thought everything between you two have been resolved?”

Jun Yexuan didn’t respond. However, his face turned even colder.

“Then, third bro, are we leaving or not?” Mu Jinghang asked carefully.

“We are going.” Jun Yexuan then ordered Chi Yang, “Go prepare. We will leave tonight.”

Chi Yang replied, “Yes, sir.”

Mu Jinghang watched over Jun Yexuan’s expression and asked tentatively, “Third bro, once we leave, are we never coming back to the City of Brisk?”

Jun Yexuan remembered his unspoken words from last night and closed his eyes.

Mu Jinghang’s heart felt cold. He wanted to ask, ‘Didn’t you promise you were going to be this family’s son-in-law? You are really willing to part with Qiao Qing?’

Opening his mouth, he couldn’t utter out half a word. With much thoughts, he got up, “I will go bid farewell to auntie.”

“Wait a minute.” Jun Yexuan stopped him.

Mu Jinghang turned his head to look at Jun Yexuan.

Jun Yexuan then said, “Go find a skillful photographer.”

Mu Jinghang blinked his eyes and muffled a smile, “Third bro, what do you want?”

Jun Yexuan saw the taunting way his eyes looked and he shot him a piercing look, “You want to die?”

Mu Jinghang quickly found his way to the door. As if he didn’t fear death, he added, “I know you want me to find a skilled photographer. One that can capture just how handsome, how dashing, and how in style you are. One that can turn Qiao Qing into a foolish lover. Am I right?”

What he received in response was a pillow thrown at him and a “screw off”.

After school, Qiao Qing returned home and found Jun Yexuan was looking at her strangely.

To put it more accurately, his gaze never left her.

After she finished her meal and entered her study, Jun Yexuan followed inside.

Qiao Qing stopped in her track and turned her head to ask, “Do you need something?”

Jun Yexuan stared at her from a close distance for a long time before he spoke again, “I am about to leave.”

Qiao Qing paused a little, then nodded. “Oh, goodbye. Right, don’t forget to take your buddy with you.”

Jun Ye Xuan was speechless.

He debated internally for a long time. This personal seemed unexpectedly indifferent.

Jun Yexuan felt himself feeling unhappy, “You heartless little girl, you are not going to miss me at all?”

Qiao Qing had a confused look on her face. “You want to hear the truth?”

Jun Yexuan, “...”

Despite the fact that he was half dead from anger, Jun Yexuan still extended the hand that was behind him. He then shoved a stack of photos into her hand.

“While I’m gone, look at my photos often. If I find you have forgotten all about me when I return...”

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