The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 45: Parent Teacher Meeting

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Chapter 45: Parent Teacher Meeting

He Wanqing’s neck stiffened when she heard this, “Who... who said that? To me, my baby is the best! It’s the outsiders who don’t know what to look for.”

“Talents and achievements cannot be used to buy meals. Look at me, I don’t know anything and I still landed your dad!”

No matter how she tried to interpret her mom’s words, she could hear the condolences in her mom’s voice.

Qiao Qing, “...”

Chen Ming, who stood on the side, was speechless. The madame truly was sweet and naïve. She only understood the surface level of the young miss’ words.

Luckily, the young miss’ intelligence took after her father. Or else she would’ve been bullied to bits by that swarm of ants.

The next morning, Qin Yongmei stepped into He Wanqing’s house, “Sis-in-law, have you and Qiao Qing eaten?”

He Wanqing looked at her with much discontentment, “Do you not understand the human language? Did I not ask you to never step into my house again?!”

“Wanqing, you are still angry? I very genuinely apologized yesterday. Our mother did say things that were a little harsh, but as you know, she is old now and is a little stubborn.”

“Don’t be angry at me just because of her. After all, she is half way buried under already. We will need to count on each other in the future.”

He Wanqing rolled her eyes, “Enough! What did you come here for?”

“I’m here to attend the parent teacher meeting with you!” Qin Yongmei looked shocked, “Qiao Qing hasn’t told you? There’s a parent teacher meeting today.”

He Wanqing looked over to Qiao Qing as she cleaned up her stuff. Her gaze was suspicious.

Qiao Qing packed all her stuff, picked up her bag, and walked to He Wanqing, “Let’s go.”

He Wanqing understood immediately. So the meeting was real.

She felt unsettled but forced a smile anyway, “Wait a minute, I’m going to get a purse.”

Then, she picked up the purse on the couch and followed Qiao Qing.

“Hey, hey, hey, wait for Qiao Nian and I. Niannian isn’t even here yet.”

Qin Yongmei was dumbfounded at how these two just left right away.

Qiao Qing and He Wanqing paid no attention to her and walked out of the Qiao manor in the blink of an eye.

When they arrived at school, all they could see were fancy cars driven by chauffeurs and adults who made the time to be with their kids for the day.

He Wanqing followed Qiao Qing into the classroom. Though she looked calm, she was actually extremely flustered inside.

When she heard all the other parents gloat about how well their kids were doing, she wanted to dig a hole and crawl inside.

Of course, this doesn’t impact how much she loved her baby.

By the time she arrived at the classroom, a bunch of parents had already sat down. They all sat by their kids and chatted.

For a while, nobody paid any attention to Qiao Qing and He Wanqing.

Then, Lin Xiyan saw He Wanqing and her eyes brightened, “Qingqing, your mom is so pretty! No wonder you look so nice too!”

Everyone liked to be complimented, He Wanqing was no exception.

After she heard Lin Xiyan’s praise, He Wangqing instantly smiled and her mood lifted, “You little girl sure has a sweet mouth!”

Beside Lin Xiyan’s seat was a clean-looking and simply dressed lady. After she heard what her daughter had said, she knew right away who He Wanqing was and she made room for her.

He Wanqing thanked her and sat down.

Shortly after Qiao Qing and He Wanqing arrived, Luo Chen entered the classroom. Behind him, was a graceful looking woman, who obviously took great care of herself.

“Qingqing, auntie, you came.”

Tao Yi, who was right behind Luo Chen, paused her gaze.

Because she had never seen Luo Chen be so nice to anyone, she looked at He Wanqing and her daughter for a few extra seconds.

He Wanqing smiled, “You are from the same class?”

“Yes, yes!” Luo Chen pulled Tao Yi and helped his mother sit down. Then, he flashed a smile at He Wanqing, “We even sit right next to each other!”

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