The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 46: The Jerk who Gives her mom such a Hard Time

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Chapter 46: The Jerk who Gives her mom such a Hard Time

Beautiful things always attracted attention.

Out of all the adults, He Wanqing’s beauty was outwardly obvious, while Tao Yi’s temperament was peerless.

Many people’s gaze drifted over to them. Many even whispered secretly over it.

Qin Yongmei and Qiao Nian arrived later. Subconsciously, she looked for Qiao Qing and her mother, but Tao Yi caught her sight.

Of course she recognized the first lady of the City of Brisk.

When she thought of her husband’s career, she was about to go up there to stir up a chat. However, someone suddenly shouted, “The teacher’s here!”

She had to give up her thought for now and walked towards Qiao Nian’s seat.

The sound of high heels click clacked and all the parents felt their heart become a little startled as they adjusted themselves in their seats.

Especially those with children who had bad grades.

This school had an odd rule. The students must also be present for the parent teacher meeting.

Therefore, no student exited the room. They all accompanied their parents and stayed by their side.

Before long, a middle-aged woman walked through the door with a stack of tests in her hand.

This woman looked to be able 40 years old and was on the chubbier side. Her hair was pinned up cleanly and she wore a pair of glasses. She looked serious and strict.

All the students in the room exchanged glances. They didn’t understand why their English teacher came in place of their homeroom teacher.

Then, Liang Min, who stood at the front, answered their question.

“Your homeroom teacher has some family issue to take care of today. So it will be me who will host today’s meeting.”

Everyone inhaled much cold air when they heard this. They all cursed at that son of a b!tch who escaped without remorse.

Everyone here knew that this English teacher was the most strict and most difficult to deal with.

If she led the meeting, it meant it was over for all of them.

Liang Min didn’t seem to be able to read the students’ thoughts.

She placed the tests on the table and her hands rested on the sides of the stand.

“Everyone, good morning. I am the English teacher of Class 22, Liang Min. Today, I will be responsible for discussing with you all how your children have been doing at school.”

“She patted that stack of tests, “These are the results of the last midterm. Class representative, take these and distribute them out.”

The group of students, “...”

How ruthless!

Throughout the process, the parents and teachers began to clamor.

There were sounds of praising and sounds of scolding. In addition, students, as well as teachers, compared scores.

When Qiao Qing’s test arrived, He Wanqing’s hands shook as she held onto her test.

At the same time, she began to calculate using her fingers, whether or not the sum of the scores of all subjects would give her daughter a pass.

Qiao Qing watched her and couldn’t help but rub her nose. A rare smile appeared.

You jerk! You give your mother such a hard time!

After Luo Chen got his tests, he checked out his mother and saw she was as calm as ever. He sighed in relief.

He turned his head and looked back at Qiao Qing, “Qingqing, I got 67, what about you?”

He Wanqing’s eyes brightened. His score was lower than her daughter’s!

He then said confidently, “Qingqing got 86!”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Everyone around them first giggled, then erupted into laughter.

He Wanqing wasn’t certain if everyone was laughing at Luo Chen or herself. She turned her head to look at Qiao Qing desk mate’s test, “Your daughter..”

He Wanqing only let out half a sentence when she saw Lin Xiyan’s math test had the number 142 written brightly on top.

She shut up and faced the wall.

Luo Chen laughed and said to He Wanqing, “Higher than me!”

Then, he looked at Qiao Qing with his lips deviously curled, “Qingqing, we sure are predestined to sit next to each other.”

Qiao Qing rolled her eyes at him and remained silent.

Just then, Liang Min tapped on the blackboard, “Quiet down!”

At once, the classroom silenced. Everyone looked to the front and saw that the projector had projected an image of the test ranking.

Liang Min had purposely enlarged the numbers so even those sitting in the last row could see clearly.

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