The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 48: Face Slapping is in Progress

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Chapter 48: Face Slapping is in Progress

“Enough! Look at how much time we have wasted because of you!”

Liang Min’s tone was like she had mocked a muddling clown. Then, she changed the subject.

“Now, we will enter the first part of the parent teacher meeting...”

Because of how this started off, everyone treated Qiao Qing and He Wanqing as the laughing stocks throughout the meeting.

A sweet, dumb, and naïve mother with an incapable, and easily jealous daughter.

Qin Yongmei and Qiao Nian on the other hand had much to brag about.

Especially when Qiao Nian was called on and asked to share how she studies to do so well, Qin Yongmei received an infinite amount of admiring and respectful gazes.

All the adults around her began to speak to her and asked her how she educated her child. There were even parents who asked for their children to marry into each other’s family.

However, Qin Yongmei stood tall throughout the meeting. She didn’t think highly about any of them.

After she sloppily conversed with these people, her gaze glued onto Tao Yi.

In her mind, she thought of how that young master didn’t understand how the world worked. However, now that his mother had seen how excellent her Qiao Nian was, she should know who would turn out to be a valuable friend.

When she remembered how much confidence her daughter had brought her, the way she looked at Qiao Nian turned gentler.

After the meeting, Qin Yongmei impatiently grabbed Qiao Nian and chased Tao Yi out the door.

“Mrs. Luo, hello.”

Tao Yi paused her steps and answered calmly, “Hello, what can I do for you today?”

Qin Yongmei silently thought that for Tao Yi, who was the number one madame of the city, to be speaking so respectfully towards her without any arrogance, meant Tao Yi admired her. It was all thanks to her daughter’s achievement.

“Mrs. Luo, Niannian’s dad, Qiao Ziwen and Mr. Luo are all businessmen. The Luo and Qiao families have also had interactions in the business world.”

“Right now, her father has plans on starting a new brand. If Mr. Luo can help him out, then the Qiao family would be extremely grateful.”

Tao Yi’s brows unobservably twitched, “I never ask about Huaian’s business. If you have investment needs or other requests, you can go ask him directly. If there’s value in forming a partnership, he might consider it.”

Qin Yongmei didn’t expect Tao Yi to reject her right away. Startled, she tried again, “Mrs. Luo, Ziwen...”

“Sorry, I am just a housewife and I cannot interfere with his business. I have other things to attend to. If you have nothing else of importance, then excuse me.”

Then, she no longer paid attention to Qin Yongmei and turned around to look for her son.

Unintentionally, she saw Luo Chen and He Wanqing standing on the side. She then smiled, shook her head, and walked over.

Qin Yongmei’s face turned sullen and she cursed in a soft voice, “She’s just like Qiao Qing’s mother; just a pretty face who uses foxy ways to seduce men. Mrs. Luo doesn’t even think anything of me, why would she let her son interact with someone like Qiao Qing.

Qiao Nian bit her lips and tried to cover her embarrassment, “Mom, let’s go.”

“Wait a minute. I want to see just how much they humiliate themselves!”

Qin Yongmei remained unmoved and stared directly at Qiao Qing.

Tao Yi walked to He Wanqing and Qiao Qing, then, she patted Luo Chen’s shoulder, “Chen, what you are chatting about?”

Luo Chen turned around, “Mom, this is the girl I’ve been telling you about these last few days. Qingqing is a great person!”

Tao Yi nodded while smiling. She looked over to He Wanqing, “Your daughter is very pretty. Also very outstanding.”

He Wanqing had experienced a very unforgettable parent teacher meeting. After she heard Tao Yi call her daughter outstanding, He Wanqing thought Tao Yi was being polite.

She awkwardly laughed, “Haha, you have complimented me too much.”

Tao Yi shook her head, “If I’m not wrong, her father is Qiao Zibo, correct?”

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