The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 49: Difference in Treatment

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Chapter 49: Difference in Treatment

He Wanqing’s eyelid twitched when she heard this.

There were many people with bad grades but they wouldn’t be labelled incapable.

The problem was that Qiao Qing has a genius of a father and an outstanding cousin.

When compared to those two, Qiao Qing seemed useless.

Now that Tao Yi mentioned Qiao Zibo, He Wanqing couldn’t help but react sensitively.

Despite so, she still nodded, “Yes.”

When she heard this, He Wanqing’s gaze turned softer.

“Back when Huaian and I first came to the City of Brisk, it was all thanks to Mr. Qiao that we were able to root ourselves in this city and have today’s achievement. If it weren’t for him..”

Tao Yi sighed and simplified some statements, “The Qiao family is a lot higher up than the Luo family. For our kids to be good friends, we could say it’s fate.”

Then, she took out two business cards, “This is my contact info and Luo Chen’s father’s contact info. If Qiao Qing and you have troubles you cannot get over, then please contact us.”

“Though Huaian isn’t all that capable, he does have a voice in the City of Brisk.”

From nearby, Qin Yongmei’s face turned green from watching this.

She couldn’t believe that despite her proactive pleading, she couldn’t even get a promise from Tao Yi.

He Wanqing, on the other hand, didn’t even do anything and was offered kindness!

It was true. That entire family is the root of her family’s misfortune!

Especially that Qiao Zibo. Even after he disappeared, he had caused much unhappiness for her.

“How could I accept that?” He Wanqing declined while extending a hand.

Tao Yi right away stuffed the business card into her hand, “You can stop being so polite and stop declining me. This isn’t just to repay you, I really do want you as a friend. As friends, we can at least get each other’s contact info, right?”

Only then did He Wanqing stop declining. She then smiled, “You are being too nice.”

Qin Yongmei saw how He Wanqing didn’t even accept right away and wanted to puke out blood.

Without anymore desire to look at this, she hissed coldly and walked away with Qiao Nian.

Now that He Wanqing has accepted, Tao Yi sighed in relief and no longer played polite, “I will visit your home another day.”

Then, she called out to Luo Chen, who had been chatting with Qiao Qing, “Chen, it’s time for us to go back.”

Luo Chen responded with an “oh” and then said, “Qingqing, I’ll see you next week then! Auntie, see you!”

Tao Yi waved at He Wanqing with a grin. Then, she held up an umbrella to help Luo Chen avoid the poisonous sun.

Qiao Qing watched the two leave and fell into deep thought.

The way Luo Chen and Tao Yi behaved may seem like son and mother to an outsider.

But upon closer observation, it was obvious that Tao Yi’s every move was extremely respectful towards Luo Chen.

It wasn’t the way a mother treats their child, but more like a servant serving their master.

“Baby, what are you thinking of?” He Wanqing saw how Qiao Qing was deep in thought and she couldn’t help but ask.


Qiao Qing retracted her gaze and mumbled, “Let’s go.”

On the way back, He Wanqing and Qiao Qing ran into Qin Yongmei chatting with several adults, looking proud.

They didn’t want to be apart of the crowd, but the people who circled Qin Yongmei didn’t let that happen.

They were saying very nice things to Qin Yongmei and Qiao Nian, but when they saw Qiao Qing and He Wanqing, they changed the subject.

“Isn’t that Niannian’s older cousin? The one who claimed to place first next time?”

At those words, an older lady laughed while hiding behind her hand.

“You actually believe in that stuff? If the second last scorer can place first, then my daughter can become the most prominent scholar in the city.”

“Aye, why do we focus on such a trivial matter? We are wasting our time. Right now, I just want to hear how Mrs. Qiao educates her child so I can learn a thing or two. My kid simply does not want to self-improve!”

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