The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 50: His Gene is so weak that your Intelligence took after your Mother

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Chapter 50: His Gene is so weak that your Intelligence took after your Mother

He Wanqing was stifled. She wanted to step up and start a fight. However, she was scared that Qiao Qing would hear more ugly things.

She dragged Qiao Qing away and comforted, “Baby, don’t mind them. I don’t care about your grades and I’m not jealous of others. You don’t need to blame yourself and force yourself to get number one. If you want to blame someone, then blame your father! It’s his fault that his gene is too weak, making you take after your mother in terms of intelligence.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

After a moment of silence, Qiao Qing said, “Mom, do you miss dad?”

“I... why would I miss him!?” He Wanqing reacted as if she was a cat whose tail had gotten stepped on.

“That bastard stopped showing up without any warning. Who knows which tramp he ran away with? What use is it for me to think about him? If he refuses to return, then don’t ever return! The two of us can live well even without him!”

Qiao Qing stared at He Wanqing. Though she was saying tough things, her red eyes sold her out.

He Wanqing stared into the distance. “Let’s not talk about him anymore. Let’s go home and eat.”

Qiao Qing stopped walking. “Mom, you go back first. I suddenly remembered that I have something to do. I won’t accompany you to lunch today.”

He Wanqing raised her head, “What?”

Qiao Qing pursed her lips, “I need to buy study material.”

He Wanqing’s eyes were already getting damp and her emotions were close to breaking. She wanted to find a place to unleash all this anyway.

After she heard what Qiao Qing had said, she didn’t stop her.

She opened up her purse and said, “I will give you money. Just do your best with studying. Even if you can’t get into university or can’t get married, I can support you for the rest of your life.”

Qiao Qing stared at the stack of red bills. After a moment of hesitation, she accepted them.

Then, she patted He Wanqing’s shoulder, “Go back.”

At Yadeng Hospital in the City of Bisk.

Upon arrival, Qiao Qing took the elevator to the 27th floor and walked to the VIP patient room hidden in the inner corner.

The young nurse had just finished a round of checkups for the patient in the room. She ran into Qiao Qing the moment she opened the door to come out.

The nurse quickly stepped aside, “Ms. Qiao, you came.”

Qiao Qing nodded, “Yes.”

Then, she walked into the room.

The young nurse gave Qiao Qing a look and closed the door nicely.

Qiao Qing slowly walked before the hospital bed and looked at the man who was sleeping silently. Her entire body and mind relaxed.

As if she had found her pillar, she allowed herself to take off her mask and her cold, defensive barrier.

“I did something out of line today. I made a rather arrogant statement. I have to admit that I’m finding it difficult to suppress this much longer.”

“Before, you asked me to conceal myself, worried that I would be harmed after what happened to you and be targeted by that organization. Now that I have pushed that organization to hell, we have nothing more to worry about. There is also no more need for me to play dumb in an attempt to throw others off anymore.”

“I don’t care about my reputation, but I don’t want mom to be treated so badly and be mocked by others like what happened today.”

“While you are not around, I am the only person who can protect her.”

“But please don’t be too lazy. There are some things I cannot give her on your behalf.”

“Mom isn’t as strong as you imagine her to be. She misses you very much.”

“You don’t even want her to see you this way, how do you have the heart for her to be sad for so long?”

“I miss you too.”

“You are the only person in the world who gets me. If you stay quiet too, then I would be even lonelier in this world.”

The man in the bed remained silent as he slept, not reacting at all.

Qiao Qing didn’t mind that she wasn’t going to get a response. With a gentle gaze, she continued this story alone and spoke to him sentence after sentence.

“Before, I always thought that everything in this world is far too boring, and not challenging enough. Today, I have been slapped in the face. The medical field is far too profound and complicated. Even now, I have yet to find a way to revive someone who’s brain dead.”

Qiao Qing held onto the man’s hand and sighed.

“My and my mommy’s hero isn’t meant to be sleeping on a bed all the time.”

“Hurry up and wake up.”


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