The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 51: Qiao Qing, Don’t Stir up Trouble

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Chapter 51: Qiao Qing, Don’t Stir up Trouble

After she left the hospital, Qiao Qing ate some food and returned to school.

Who knew that the moment she sat back in her seat, she would find a notebook placed on her desk.

She opened it up and saw all sorts of colorful notes. All of the main knowledge points for each subject were neatly organized.

She couldn’t help but look to the girl beside her.

Lin Xiyan scratched her head, embarrassed, “I noticed from your tone that you were serious about wanting to study well. This stuff may be helpful to you. It’s also what my mom said.”

Qiao Qing smiled and rubbed her head, “Thank you. Help me thank your mom too.”

Lin Xiyan’s face flushed red, “No... no need to thank me.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Why did she stutter?

Luo Chen heard the clamor and turned around. He saw the pile of notes and opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, “Qingqing, you are really going to work hard and force your way up now?”

Qiao Qing played with her pen and stared at him, “Is there a problem? I said I would get number one for the next exam.”

Just then, strange looks arrived from all around her.

Qiao Qing was completely immune to this and remained collected.

Luo Chen couldn’t help it and laugh out loud, “Qingqing, I’m not trying to bring you down. You said you wanted to work hard, but it’s more realistic for you to work towards getting into a university than getting number one. I think you should give up that thought. I’m scared that once the results come out, you will be struck down.”

Qiao Qing slapped her palm towards him, “Mind your own business.”

Luo Chen grabbed onto her wrist, “Qingqing, what major do you want to go for? For which university?”

Qiao Qing said, “The University of the Capital City, medicine.”


The classmates inside the room spat out water.

Luo Chen was dumbfounded for a long while before she squeezed out an awkward look. “You should aim to be number one first.”

Qiao Qing lowered her head. “Yeah, next time.”

Luo Chen, “...”

Did this person get traumatized during the parent teacher meeting?

Though he felt like Qiao Qing spoke like she was dreaming, when she lowered her head to read the notes, he decided to pack up his Gameboy and took out the practice test instead.

He spun the pen in hand and said, “Qingqing, instead of aiming for the university in the capital city... I say, given that our fundamental abilities are the same, and that our intellectual levels are similar, then I won’t play around anymore since you have started working hard. Let’s promise each other that we will go to the same university.”

Qiao Qing paused, “You are serious?”

Luo Chen nodded. “No matter which university you go to, I am stuck with you.”

Qiao Qing pursed her lips and turned her head to look at Lin Xiyan and the pile of notes, “Do you mind if I take these with me?”

Lin Xiyan shook her head, “Of course I don’t mind!”

Qiao Qing pushed the pile of notes to Luo Chen, “Within three weeks, finish studying these notes.”

Luo Chen gulped, “Qingqing, you are serious?”

Qiao Qing then used a voice low enough just for the two to hear, “If you don’t study them, I won’t teach you ancient martial art.”

“I will study them!” Luo Chen quickly took the notes, “If Qingqing asks, how could I not study them? After I hand in today’s practice test, I will study them.”

As Luo Chen’s deskmate, Zhu Anan watched as Luo Chen filled out the test seriously. She couldn’t help but exclaim over Qiao Qing’s mightiness.

Before long, Luo Chen turned his head around with his test in hand. He then asked Lin Xiyan, “Scholar, what answer do I pick for this multiple choice question?”

Lin Xiyan didn’t think Luo Chen would ask her anything, so she was startled.

Qiao Qing glanced it over, “It’s B.”

Luo Chen responded with a sigh, “Qingqing, don’t stir up trouble.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Lin Xiyan regained her calmness and looked over the question, “It is B.”

Luo Chen’s eyes widened, “Qingqing, you are great at guessing.”

Qiao Qing, “...”


At night.

After she showered, Qiao Qing came out and saw a friend request on WeChat.

She clicked it open to a person with a grey profile photo.

The nickname of the person was set as, “Born handsome, difficult for me to think otherwise”.

Qiao Qing, “...”

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