The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 52: Does this mean you have Accepted me as your Future Husband?

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Chapter 52: Does this mean you have Accepted me as your Future Husband?

She thought a WeChat vendor had messaged her to sell skincare products. Therefore, Qiao Qing declined right away.

Before long, the same person sent out another friend request.

Qiao Qing clicked into this person’s “moments” page. It was completely empty. It appeared that it was a newly registered account.

Qiao Qing declined it again and took a towel to dry her hair.

After she dried it halfway, she took out her cellphone and took another look.

This account had sent out another friend request. It seemed like the person wasn’t willing to give up easily.

Qiao Qing hesitated and then hit accept.

The moment they became WeChat friends, the other side had sent a video call request.

Qiao Qing’s hand shook at this unexpected turn of events before she clicked accept.

The next second, Jun Yexuan’s deviously handsome face appeared on her cell screen.

Qiao Qing, “...”

For his nickname to be the way it is had led Qiao Qing to look at Jun Yexuan with a face that was difficult to digest.

The moment Jun Yexuan saw Qiao Qing in the video, he suffocated right away. All the opening lines he was planning on saying flew away right away.

Different from her normal high ponytail style, the girl through the screen had damp hair that was gently draped down her back. Some water droplets were even formed near the ends.

Her unpowdered little face was smooth and delicate, similar to high-quality porcelain. Her eyes that were looking slightly down were dewy and revealed a cold and distant beauty that seemed out of the world.

The other thing was that, like him, she only wore a bathrobe.

Her long and slender swan-like neck and her sexy collar bones...

Jun Yexuan, who planned on seducing Qiao Qing, couldn’t believe that before he even did anything, he had become smitten by the girl through the screen. His entire body felt a wave of dry heat.

Qiao Qing was completely unaware of Jun Yexuan’s mental state. Against the other’s seductive pose, she didn’t seem to have noticed it.

With a cold voice, she demanded, “Where did you find my WeChat?”

Jun Yexuan sold out He Wanqing without hesitation, “My future mother-in-law gave it to me.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Thinking about that mother of hers, who was dying to marry her off, she felt mentally exhausted.

As she thought about this, the handsome face from the screen enlarged – Jun Yexuan had pressed his face closer.

“When I said ‘future mother-in-law, who did you think of? Qingqing, does this mean you have accepted me as your future husband?”

Qiao Qing’s thought had been exposed, so her face turned dark right away, “If you have nothing you need I am going to hang up now.”

“Don’t!” Jun Yexuan suddenly remembered something. His eyes brightened and his tone turned extremely proud and cocky, “So you remember my face after all.”

Qiao Qing, “’ve only left for a day.”

Jun Yexuan purposely tried to poke holes in her statements, “You even remember how long I’ve been gone for. Qingqing, you miss me don’t you?”

Qiao Qing hung up right away.

Looking at the “call ended” display on the screen, Jun Yexuan couldn’t react for a long time.

This was the first time anyone had tried to hang up on him!

The key point is that he wasn’t even angry!

He sent another video call request and immediately, a sentence appeared on the screen, “Your video call request has been declined.”

Jun Yexuan, “...”

Qiao Qing’s mood had been disturbed by Jun Yexuan. Right after she put down her cell, she received another friend request.

A request from her classmate Luo Chen.

She accepted it right away.

Before long, another video call request was sent.

Qiao Qing frowned, not sure just what was happening tonight. However, she accepted that too.

“Qingqing, you...”

Luo Chen paused. Pinching his nose, he turned his head to the other side with his handsome face turned bright red.

“Qingqing, you just showered?”

Qiao Qing lowered her head and took a look. Then, she immediately tightened the robe around her while silently cursing Jun Yexuan.

Her tone was void of any emotion, “What is it.”

Only then did Luo Chen turned around his face, “My brother helped me buy all the ingredients. How do I draw a bath with them?”

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