The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 57: There Won’t be a Next Time

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Chapter 57: There Won’t be a Next Time

Yang Lianfeng was not at all embarrassed. He brushed his hand through his sparse hair and had a look of awe.

“Who didn’t have the dream of being a martial arts hero? Back in my day... wait... we are out of time...”

He pointed to his students, “Remember what I said!”

Then, as if his shoes were oiled, he dashed off right away.

Everyone else in the room erupted into laughter. But because they had built a deep friendship with this brother of theirs, nobody dared to make too much noise.

Luo Chen turned around and looked proud, “See, Qingqing, see how popular and in-demand Feng Ci’s books are?”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Thanks for complimenting me.

By 13:30, everyone had quieted down.

Before long, the room turned clamorous again.

“****! It froze! I knew it would!”

“Goddamn, the website shut me out!”

“Why are so many people online right? There is no hope for me again this time!”

“Can’t the payment system be buffed up? Every single time it crashes!”

“Can’t the publisher sell an unlimited number of copies?!! What is this!! I am furious!”

Luo Chen turned around and with a deep sullen look, he said, “Qingqing, how’s your internet speed? Were you able to steal a copy for me?”

Qiao Qing raised her head and glared at him. “I forgot.”

Luo Chen, “...”

He saw that Qiao Qing had only now got out her cellphone, he had an “I want to die” look on his face.

“It’s okay. Read your book. I was guarding the website and I couldn’t even get a copy. By now, you won’t even be able to load the site.”

In the end, someone threw down his cell, “Whatever, I am just going to buy it off of Qiao Nian!”

“Me too! There are only so many signed copies. Can I at least get an unsigned one?”

A lot of people placed their hope on Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian said, “Let me ask my aunt. We should be able to get several unsigned copies.”

“That’s a relief.”

“Niannian, you are my goddess!”


Qiao Nian felt herself flying as she listened to those words.

She remembered what Qin Yongmei had asked her to do and her gaze once again shot towards Luo Chen.

Now that he wasn’t going to get a copy himself, will he be able to hold his ground?

The chaos around the book didn’t dissipate even by the time school was over.

After Qiao Qing came home, she went to the study room as per normal.

When she walked past the pile of books Sun Jing left behind, she paused.

Then she bent down, took several, and headed to her desk.

The next day, Luo Chen grabbed onto Qiao Qing to vent the moment she arrived at school.

“Qingqing, I didn’t get one! Last time, I at least got an unsigned copy. But this time, everything was sold out before I could buy anything!”

The boy in front of him gave him an “I knew it” look.

“I told you it’s not easy to get one. The more you hope, the more you get disappointed. There’s no need to cry like that. Not many from the class got one. Rather than fighting your head off against others, might as well line up at Qiao Nian’s.”

Only then did Qiao Qing remember that she forgot to bring the books she signed last night.

So she said, “It’s okay. I will bring you a few signed copies next week.”

Luo Chen, “...”

Luo Chen looked at Qiao Qing for a long while and did not know what to say. “Qingqing, stop making fun of me. I already told you I won’t betray you. I couldn’t get my hands on one this time, but there is always next time. No matter what, I will not cave before a witch.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

There won’t be next time.

In the blink of an eye, Monday arrived.

The moment Qiao Nian arrived at school, a group of students surrounded her.

“Niannian, how many signed copies did you get?”

“I will give you 100 times the price of the original to buy the signed copy off of you.”

“I’m not asking for a lot. Can you just sell me an unsigned version?”

Jiang Fei walked over as well and looked at Qiao Nian with much kindness, “I want to buy a signed copy as well. Is that okay?”

His tone was full of pleading but was thick with confidence. It was as if he was certain Qiao Nian would help him out.

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