The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 6 - From Today Onwards, I’m Yours

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Chapter 6: From Today Onwards, I’m Yours

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Not only did he not let her go as requested, his thumb began to caress the inside of her wrist. His voice was charming and tempting.

"I allowed you to take advantage of me but you don't allow me to do the same to you. You little girl is not only cold-blooded, you are also a little unreasonable."

Qiao Qing ignored the provocation and teasing in his words. She then coldly said, "I can become even more cold-blooded. Do you want to try me?"

Jun Yexuan was actually scared by those words and let go.

Then, he asked the question he was curious about, "Why did you come back to save me?"

He could tell that she was not at all moved by his two offers and that her determination to leave him there to die was real.

But, just why did she change her mind?

Qiao Qing didn't answer him.

After she reapplied the medicine, she took some clean bandages and then said, "Get up."

Jun Yexuan didn't mind her cold attitude. Supporting himself with his palms, he slowly sat up.

One of Qiao Qing's knees leaned into the bed. Then, her arms wrapped around his neck and shoulder as she wrapped the bandage around him layer by layer.

From the side, it looked like he was in her embrace.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room turned affectionate.

Qiao Qing discovered this herself. When he was unconscious last night, doing this was easy and efficient. There were no other thoughts in her mind.

Now, even if she doesn't look at him, she could feel his heated and exploring gaze, as well as the hot air that was attacking her neck.

She instinctively hurried her movements.

Just as she tied up the bandages, her ear felt a sudden itch.

Jun Yexuan had tilted his head and was now speaking into her ear like a lover's whisper, "No matter what, it is a fact that you saved my life. I am someone who weighs promises heavily. So, from today onwards, I am yours."

Qiao Qing suddenly remembered how he had promised last night that he was going to repay her with his own body and she applied much pressure with her hand.

Jun Yexuan suddenly muffled a scream, "You are murdering your own husband?"

Qiao Qing rolled her eye at him. If she didn't so clearly notice the coldness underneath his eyes, she would really think this man had fallen for her. "Since you have awakened, then get the hell out of here."

"You truly are emotionless." Jun Yexuan's lips curled demonically. Then, using his arm as a pillow, he laid back down.

While looking at Qiao Qing, he said, "I still don't know what your name."

"I don't have an answer for you." Qiao Qing threw down this statement and turned around to leave. However, Jun Yexuan grabbed onto her wrist.

"I want to shower."

He was still wearing the same clothes as last night. The mix of blood and dust was not something this man with OCD could endure.

Qiao Qing pointed to the glass door that was inside this room, "The bathroom is over there."

Jun Yexuan said, "It's not really convenient for me right now. You should help me wash up."

Qiao Qing coldly smirked. "If you try to cross the line any further, I will truly throw you out!"

Jun Yexuan rubbed his nose and backed off a little, "At least find me a clean set of clothes?"

Qiao Qing glanced at the window, "It's probably not necessary for me to prepare any clothes for you."

Then, she took back her own hand and walked out.

After Qiao Qing walked away, the smile on Jun Yexuan's face disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, a person from outside the window entered.

"Brother, I thought your body turned cold the moment you came to the City of Brisk. I cannot believe that not only did you survive a catastrophe, you even have the mood to flirt with a girl."

"Mu Jinghang."

Jun Yexuan softly uttered out three characters that made Mu Jinghang shudder instantly.

No longer daring to tease any further, he said in a serious tone, "I have investigated. The people who came to kill you were people from the Jing Sect. The one who hired them was your fourth uncle."

Then, he paused. "I can understand why your fourth uncle would want to kill you. However, between you and Feng Hen, one of you is the king of the capital city, while the other is the dominator of the City of Brisk. The two of you never interfered with each other. Why would he accept that request?"

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