The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 61: What if I told you, I am Feng Ci?

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Chapter 61: What if I told you, I am Feng Ci?

Qiao Nian couldn’t exactly lift her head after she had been taunted by everyone. She gave Xu Yingying a death glare before she returned to her own seat.

Jiang Yi glanced at Qiao Qing with his lips pursed. In the end, he was too embarrassed to go up to her so he left as well.

Hou Zibin went up to Luo Chen again. He grabbed onto a signed copy of the book and refused to let go.

“Brother! Father! Grandfather! Please give me a signed copy! I promise that from today onwards, I will treat sister Qiao Qing as the general who leads me – her horse!”

“Go away! Am I that old?” Luo Chen cursed as he laughed. Then, he brandished his hand, “Since you spoke up for Qingqing just now, take it.”

“Thank you, brother Luo! Thank you, sister Qiao!”

This person reacted as if he had gained a treasure. He held onto the book, hopped his way back to his seat, and acted as if he was terrified that someone would fight him for his book.

The remainder of the books all found their rightful owners. Then, the class bell rang.

The students were still indulged in the excited atmosphere when their homeroom teacher walked in. He looked sullen.

“Take out your marked practice exams. This class, we will take the time to go over it.”

The students were a little startled. Other than when the mid-terms were marked and handed out, they haven’t seen their homeroom teacher look so sad.

They remembered what happened last time they had his class. Could it be that he failed to get himself a book?

Every student in here became curious and discovered that when Yang Lianfeng went over the questions, he would repeat himself over and over again.

When the class was half way through, students who were looking down onto their exams realized that Yang Lianfeng’s voice had suddenly stopped.

They raised their heads and saw Yang Lianfeng bend down and take out a book from beneath Hou Zibin’s desk.

He had a proud, “I finally caught you” look on his face, “Reading during class? Your book’s been confiscated!”

Hou Zibin, “...”

Luo Chen was drinking water and spat it all out when he saw this happen.

“It looks like that bastard truly isn’t meant to get a signed copy of the book. He sure is unlucky.”

After school, a rather grand scene happened on the streets.

A refreshing looking girl in a ponytail walked in the front and a giant group of uniform-wearing students followed behind her.

Qiao Qing walked all the way home. All the students who wanted a book were terrified that she would run out, so they all followed her.

The moment He Wanqing heard knocking, she came to open the door and was flabbergasted at the scene.

“Hello, auntie!”

A group of students greeted He Wanqing while smiling – their voices were all in unison.

He Wanqing didn’t find any of these faces unfamiliar and she quickly recognized that these were all Qiao Qing’s classmates.

But these people were all laughing at them during the last parent-teacher meeting.

Now, they all looked at her with much respect. They even showed signs of shame and a desire to please her.

He Wanqing was a little dumbfounded.

“Baby, what’s happening here?”

Qiao Qing answered mindlessly, “They want books.”

Then, she gave Luo Chen and Hou Zibin a look, “You two, come up to get them.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Hou Zibin’s signed copy was confiscated so his bad mood had followed him until now.

Though his signed copy was gone, he would feel comforted if he could get himself an unsigned one.

As the three of them headed upstairs, Luo Chen finally asked the question that had been on his mind.

“Qingqing, why do you have so many copies of the book? Could it be that you know that editor-in-chief Sun as well?”

Before Qiao Qing could answer, Hou Zibin uttered out, “She has so many copies. She must have connections with Feng Ci herself.”

Luo Chen was agitated by this and grabbed onto Qiao Qing’s arm, “Qingqing, is he speaking the truth? You know Feng Ci herself?”

Qiao Qing lowered her head and eyed his hand, “What if I told you, I am Feng Ci?”

Luo Chen, “...”

Hou Zibin, “...”

Speechlessly, he let go of Qiao Qing’s hand. In a helpless voice, Luo Chen said, “Qingqing, you sure are a jokester.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

The three of them went to the study room and just as Luo Chen and Hou Zibin exclaimed over the decor, Qiao Qing pointed, “The books are in the suitcase.”

Luo Chen walked over upon hearing this. On his way past the desk, he made a “Hmm?” noise.

He picked up a strange looking, cylinder-shaped object. Then, he asked, “What is this? A pen?”

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